Advice for preparing and presenting homework assignments

Advice for preparing and presenting homework assignments
1. As you work the problem, make a plan
If “my number comes up”, what will I do?
2. Begin by explaining the general concept from the chapter that the problem is
3. Figure out what is easy and what is difficult or interesting
Concentrate on those aspects in your presentation
Don’t get hung up on “part a” and “part b”
Explain what you are doing in your own words
4. Board organization is important
What goes on the board, and what does not?
5. Close with a reminder of “the take-away”
6. Try not to get your ego involved
As long as you make a sincere effort, it’s okay if you don’t get it entirely
You are being challenged!
7. Make sure all of your team does some talking
Advice for those who are not presenting
1. Ask questions
2. If needed, help the presenters if they are stuck or “made a wrong turn”
2. Don’t wait for me to get involved!