Workforce Development

Workforce Development
Key Outputs - Status
Key Outputs
Work with the Office of Educator Effectiveness and
Licensure to establish an alternative certification for
the new Earth Space Science required 9th grade course.
Continued support for teachers in the field through eLearning courses and digital professional learning
Develop online interactive information resources for
principals and teachers in the following areas:
 Implementation of the new content standards
and objectives in science for the 2016-2017
school year
 Physical Activity and Physical Education. How
are they alike and how are they different
 Middle and High School online Professional
Learning Communities for Teachers of
 Comprehensive School Counseling Program
 Middle Level Education, Team teaching,
creative scheduling and how to make a
difference in the middle
Continue to provide updated guidance documents for
Middle and High School levels, inclusive of transition
course placement updates
Implementation Implementation
Continued support of Mathematics and Literacy Design
collaborative’ s; Cohort 1 and Cohort 2
Continued partnership with HEPC to provide preservice teacher training across all content areas,
inclusive of physical activity
Support and assist schools in the creation of alternate
plans for physical education per WVBE policy 2510
Continued Support of Kids Strong, Student Success
Summit, and other student and teacher programs