Superintendents Leadership Institute Third General Session SERVING OUR CHILDREN WELL

Leadership Institute
Focusing on the Person in Personalized Learning
Third General Session
Debrief of Student Perspective
• Variety of student interviews represented at your table
• Each person share four things that really struck them about
the student they interviewed
– 2 things that students said were assets in their school
– 2 things that students said were obstacles in their school
• As a group determine if you see some emerging themes
from your discussion
• Share with large group and we will capture for use
Looking Ahead
• WV exemplars of Practices for Personalization
• A District Superintendent’s Insights into Personalized
• Listen and learn through the lens of the student, the
lens of your colleagues, and the lens of the design
principles to be able to answer these questions…
Questions and Considerations
• Are these the right Design Principles?
• Are there missing pieces?
• Are there redundancies?
• Are there misplaced principles?
• Can you envision local districts and schools using these
principles within the context of their own capacity to
personalize learning for students?
• Is it appropriate to utilize these design principles to frame