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For Rationing
Prepare for
Northwest's Gas
Two:Day Quiz
_·.'H".. "rflee.:lf v~iC'," ",,1tt\1I,"41"'..I._
thm 1;"5 ",.II<,d\,·,! pJ",,,~ !,,( r",. li"''I<njt l('3IWlirtl' by nnh in 11>7-
State Boord Plans
Exa:mination of
Fut.r. Druggists
Oregon AN! (tfiliuativD fmm
McNulty Will Head Student Committee
Far BuUon Sales
student.. tOlby, A table will be
"f!t >lp in tbe C().~" 1II1(lk$~o"" r"r
lh, ,*n"Eni~nf"C of lhl>5e who ,....,
1l<Y.- p.wncnnlly ~onlnet.....! b)' II
member of th~ JXllilmitwiif.
).ft"mLn,.hip in n,,, h:OG .as.! W9l'it.
TI«: tllqUrrlmenu to quo.ltfy
'Green Oregon'
Movement Sfarfs Today
~11.ed !QIlr.~Y~lIr N.lnirulUf/1,
il'liiter 11.'lcC& nOt' fJi(p\!'(~d Ul re-c.
l"!f'CtnmendaUort from the tl"lln omrn;;ind to the wrs thllt curtuil­
. 1..,,1 the .\'1!·~r. IIJId II weighted" mul of glI..Iloline dcHv.,ti .... '··w
1t:-:~~lI't ~~.?6"per; cenl Itl 1111 'Sub.
W,_hir.gU.n Il.lId Or+gQn tle.. lel'E.
· jl!!::bi/'-He ill'disq'JalWed if h, c.. c<mtinued III au.,.t.'>1rd btlo>w
Iltl/i'$ 1hl:'
~l~~,J:j::L': !'U£:~~e:~
plieant mUllt hit"",, eo';rpl..t1Kl one of, dr>.>g.slol:'e ex­
library Adds
perl":n,;:.e un.:k'1" the auvervMIJl'I o(
ue- __
"1."regiltf'1'!!iI, pharma.cial..
rn JlT$P-­
.ratlon for nlminauIJn throllith.
out their hlilor, phllrm¥<:y
- _~tudpntfl Dr" 1i'1vII!n m~UlY trllll iifX~
IImillation! to. f¥mili¥r!k them
wjth 'prtoCMlln' Ila 1'1'..11 IIl1 (0
d.. t
lne the, allbjeda in which
Ole,: mud ~~ Jlddilionlll pr~p" ,
~ed a:mhon~
The IILrary '-will tl'<!cive some
:::~~c:~ ~:~:~:Jd :~~~:~l\~:;
:he hll ,"
the r,uding puhlic In(otTl\aUo"
ubo9.L thu VI,Ir tlIort and al<iut
\l>j! 1l",(n!''- Ill·tbe .... r. U'p4¥W
:~:t ~~rn;fa,~a:-te,
T<lS"gt'.I-. Jaek H"ltu, Die],: JUl.
New Leaflets Give'
War Information
Siudeot.:! who IIU -wolkin;i: \'1
thi" tampuign in<lude &b Lind_
Htnk ~~IIt.ll.on, Hold-en Ye_
::~' J.ioJ~~nry"'::s~~:n:a!IlL:;~
ae;~~r;: :~fl~X:~hu~ tow
~l:~ ::~~ta~!rl~~1 c~=
[vr ;'he Nmalnd(r ot the
CDUage Htw EaHDe XOO
Hamng- the m""'f 'u· .. vital
_bt•. put
,,0" LUILtolAl dd_ .&rl.
gO~:n:.,:~t<~'::~6'iJ;s:r:!ff~':! !:~r.::.;::!e a~d f::~rn!d=
:::~,~!~nn;'A ':~:~m:~ionw~~':~ ~;:ti.:n"!-:;;'or::~~f ~~
whi~b ure wrilt#r. IIb-oul what the
'Cilited St.u.WH i~ doIng In the .,;"u.
Bnth of the mjml'(i\i::nlphOO kaI.
N(lTm& S!venol\ i~r.jor io ~ee. 1~\.I\ ar~ h..,..,d <In Q/iidal ~ouI'f:""
,..,uri!ll &ttellU'. III'U pl"ell~nledJJl and gJve a pidurt <If ~he )'Oar;)~
a p;"no. ndul by Lillian 1efl'_. .iLWars- jr. Amerkll lind over.
reys .P.. tri, F*!cjlK>r 01 piano Mill!. "A We,k OI.WIlT" curur!l
n.n~ th~ary" Sunday ut :1:30 <J'~
In tha l[enloriul Union
. She wu; $1I~is~ by V.. rjunior in ('nltineering,
grollP!i 01 j1(In".~
by Prof, P"IlJ F~'ri.,
dil~tar (;1 mt.;~k,
FIl'Werl'! that hod h'<,n K~nt to
· Mbi> SIVerllOn Were pre~O!nted to
Ii ""e"k.. The ''t)IJt(!tl''
mete "tUtn. The flghtln;!
WUI" I>nd wllr of pn><iudl(!n
r ..pcr(ed.~ i" lilly phllllt: oI p«<l'
pie'" Ih'\!:l -wbkh is af!,d by
thf' Wllr. They "h'IUM he at, in.
dlil~", ~jj\d
her lIy N'.;;na Zimmermar." jur.l.:.r
in "!'(lteurial ,r-ienCE. during lila
I<",d .i.....rul,~i~s:tm~~~:~
ha,,~" final
enms: this wet!k.
don't. SOme' 'iI'tudent!l
othm' d~p·t. The_daiay stm~won't teH,
It was·al! "eonfusin'" and nat fro ~'amu!lin':" Some stu~
ha,d closed weekend. others di.dn't, SOme went dating,
didn~t. As has often been. said hefore. there is Just
nO anawer to the muddled.up situation.
Some lOise' 5choian did map.age to squ.::cu; in .a blL £If
study. And still again. other!! managed more picnic;'!, dalt)!
lind lbo"W~ t.i.a.n they did lin Any
Miu Sl"H'l(in filay.d
Three-part Invention, HF"ont.u.~ia
in C Mojof" by Ha)ITn, "P.hapMldy in F Shlirp MIMI''' by :F.mllt
VOA Dohnar,),?, "Tamburine Cbl·
Il\lb" hl' Frite KnlAler and "Con~
cerVi No, 2 In E Flat M_joc" by
Fl""tnJ Lint. 'Jn hcr last ,,;;mber
Mr~, PetTi play~ the onheJlvt\1
Sattt't:.!!-ang "In Qlle:i~r. TombG
O~~Urtil" bl' Beethoven, "'r..(! "!Ifh'­
oir" by Ferrari, "Qui
E<ifirnO notl l!/Ilctend~" by MOJllrt.
"Sell ~VH" by John TN:Olld,
"The [,,"1M\. Song" by JQme~ H,
R<:>gers lind "Wben'r think aj">(>n
th" l\-[aiden""~~;",
plJ"ticqll1ti(ln rll the Krcp Ore_
Gnzen mO\'emen"L"
"N"",n betor" was t4tal vigll_
IIf th, public .i0
urgellt.," ht' d~!.&red.. '"1 uk tbat
011 "tud,,,tI;l avan themselve!\I In
IhiH llha."<e <.>1 thf em"'"i~f'ey
whir:b .. all~ fot" blackout ot far.
<'lit, turm olld lield fir~s."
. f\. A. Gilfllllllf', a~Linll" pl""llt. If1)rt
line, on th, pllrl
:>1>)'. lhut studtnl.::; ~bl>u1d re~nd ~L",urir.g rn~mhenhlps-"arly~o thlit th~ c,,:h:'!ic.. mipt be :ree· Ojc\'OiltC li..~. ... !e.. d~T in tht prl'"­
"tr.tiol"l tfl'h·t',
WIl4n \t'lld of the urgnniu.U"n
pun. EllrJ G. )h,~oll. lI~ting delln
Q/ fort~ll"Y. T('mllrkl"d lh.~ l!net
.ali Iunrl~ TIlLsEd in thr dtiv~ liN
elIrTnurked tOT erlueati<;nsi 'l!e.
he l<lok~ lor Il ger,eroe~
Jh Ui!~K1 tbat nduction
ftom l:in
oI 1'700 1.-0
Guerrill~"Hghters TIIfn
Gunfire on River Seals
o!h~r ~p.kend'thill'
"'-fl~ ~.h }lay :ro t.I June
2. Ap_
Stole Sets Ceilings
i~ ~Of:~l<~~:t:: :iswn:~?o~;~ On Amusement Cost~,
:~:~~u;:: ;::;~,Wu,@)'arJl lI.Te
Stat<:' hed tlOSM "..~kend Jut
"WIi!kil"$ ~t:"",th ~e ltl!;!'\I"
ha" ""rn ct-.ruI<m '" tht ~I;em 01
11:~ ntr~at. 'IHlOIm~cl fktty Z.S••
ler',iunmil'l'bOltl4 re.. ~.'md
~r.a,"",I1.~ flI tAe -,<mIhi9 "',r'T}~tJ.
.nd Sunday ill,
,ttl! cr,e of
mare moo~", IHI'
ii<Jge'; ,.:;yskrr~~, It ""1111 probably
~illt:.JInot.her·prll'dl.ltt 01 the un_
~uUJnll' <ltwa.mmf\o<lI tile trnuW<lr-d pnuJe.fik.. w~rW' im" all
"The C.OWW:lX: tri9 ..,.
: :::':~!j.e:',.:::t:; ~ ~:;:
rJ:>W. F-:loi; In.
fi).Ht lor !te tint titnt, and ru..~
bun e,.:n;.ce1 to Include the en_
Poultry Honor Grad
StAT'll.E, :.fay 25 (UP;~:-:fhe
Is Added to SI,,!!
atliUt ?rioritin .:.If;,,>: hiif~
that all coo,nr.u:t'l>n ro,Hnlr more
thin t5(.t1')6 1In<!'inwr.d'ld,J'0r th~
IIHHw·mtr.t"t the puhUn j, ttl h~
!v:;ppetl before June G.
[email protected] ~x.. eplion, .:lre <hil<!r,"'.x
Jim I1arpt!.t, l!HQ hOtlor Ir.ldu­
ate ill pcul:ry bWobandr>', t:~""
b~NI ..drled to tha «-na;t~ IItnrt
I f illftrndllr iI", po(;jtryhu;;b.and­
IIbd" projC-ff.!' oI .'
t.empvrll7 r.!!turt',
Phi Seta Ka.ppa worts .. Thi «Uk" 111", aayll re.tridiong Pledllings Announced
1>i IlllnOUnl:l!. tho! pledg­
~~::~:~ ~~~h~~~ While Motors. Tested
;:gt~~~~:!t~:~~,!1 ~~d ~:;{~; ingSI,ma
d Jim £YJ!.n~, :inphomOh !n
v,'tJ]ey hill and uk" tliat.It 'Ph"
• f~ intfordkd in l'ling)itT. up IU
'ClN'CINKATi (U.P.I-S·Unley
5e,,",llo d«:!dl!d W on hi.
equipment i~ 11"0'1\.1111,,1 .. b('~J>
iltbn inti Phj lk!'.i ltliPa, H~
'!rill ~ ir";du~ Ir.Ul th¥ !eorlery
J.twr, at h!.a I>W~ e(tnvmlt~ce,.
plffigint of El!ia L~Vlihm.
II.M ~lIi-tr Ilfatl-rlO-pl'">vi.wi the I:-e~hrnan in IlUrtl.anal ~itr,~e
hnllwi:oldu r"o IH'<f¥e sur; e'iuip. from 'n<!ep¢lldl:~, "nd Fund..
IDtl:t Ie tbH,lutrly l".rte"~lIry til · Hutl~y Gr;tbm-M, l<jpfi01t1(1l''' Ie.
.enginteril:¥ frem £ulene.
hla Wt!l·~r.r-.
l~~~~r:e!=:npwoJth. .1rxUl* :~;.~:r~::~~;;a;:;'n~~:
mt.ll ill ~N1.&rlal ld~:-tee, h In
t"haTfi' 0/ fOo1d. Clarlr tnHutn,
u:\!or ir. engiricimne:. i1'd:airmlln
~r !
~~~ ;:~I;::t~:;i~j~ ::~:
I<ll""i!.ih-y, (t\lr:' ~ .. vrnWOr!h, Wfl.
Thet.u Xi tr-alernity onflOl.lllCll!!!
ry np!!!eb.. Wllb"r T. CIIOr.ey,
who m.~ be~n earl"CI Inlo th" anny
n~ a lIeuUnnr:t,
lTnrp~r haK jll$t Ne,h'«1 hi~
mi!~ttF8- d~.rne Irom Pell!"\&}'I­
"ani" ShUe ealJeil"~, whent he wall
IIwllTd~d b ;octw~nhlp Iat!owinll:
~~J t\:~~:~; ""\r' :.ric~::;':
honQI: ,,~ud¢llt.t t.fld in :lila. jIInJ()r
yell!" he wu,n the 1, A. Hanlan
t.l:holul'hfp QI' ,'I'll .Bvarded h,.
lhi~ Cor;.oallia YOl.lltry bTlM'dd' .w
the lllQat 'ouutar.d.lllJ" jlUltol" du~
dotn~ maJol1ng· in ~ltry ~aeh
High school nnd. college sen.
iors alldthose student,~ .... entering
/!b~ ser\>iceClf,Uncle SlItll. this
'. illimmer were honore<tbl:_ Whley
foundation· Sunilay night at' a
buft;ct suPpci-J.i1 Wesley hall.
J;an Richey lind Jean Guyer,
juniors ~n, homc:-: econonlics J wer~
co·hostesses' for the supper. Miss
Richey acted us toastmistres....
The clipper quartet, a .W".l(,,'Z
institution, was revived for tllt'
"The girl of my 9reams," and "My' secret >
anyway a f~simile of them-ean be purchased to<
bargain price of 10 cents in cash.
Yes if's true that anyone can have a cherish.
of 'his o~ of her loved one or ones fresh from U
workroom by merely going to the east end of the
Union ballroom today between 3 and '6 o'clock,'IIT
them from the. salesmen who will be more than
serve them.
No one need be hesitant or bashful about bl
bfeause Bob Johns,m, cdi·
Neuner Open
For RiJmmag•
.,. :<lIIen,·'too,'·should· not·wait ,too
Clothing ~ontribut
long to get a picture of a ~er·
tain 'campus'beauty 'or the girl both men's and worn
they never did get to take .. out; organization will b€
Nearly every Oregon State man Friday 'and Saturda
wants to' tuck some comely coed Home Economics c!ub
.in ·his bureau ifiiiTor.·U mage sale this summ
sooth him to see n benutiful girl ing to Betty 'Neuner
.of the club, last lligl
smile at him from the mirror
he' struggles with his. fie.
"This drive"wil!'giV
Picture'; IIvllilable will include nn opportunity to get 1
sports, ..clubs, 'honor societies, unwante'd clothes befo
sectioil~.~ ....persona!jties, home: and will also h.
~;~p'u~""be~-;'ties, campus~f' no· II foreign student's st
bility, prof~;lsors, cnndid' shots, this
campus," Net
"ctivities and' portraits. NO' pic· mented. lounds raised b
. '.':;>.
ture will cost more than 26 cents, mage sale will help
be .soldifll" ..
10 cents.'
by the ..Home ECQnorili
Plans fot·'the: Oregon .. St~tc
a' foreign student,
Pl:eview,wllichwil! be pUblished 1'"'\7
Hisiu:Hui Hoailiu,. fr
'-:;---'~""""'ate~jn Augtfstheforc tlje.6r~:' . U.t.;-:'
w'us the foreig.n stud,
Civilian.. Exclusion Order N 0.­ . gon State picnic at Jantzen-Beach
Oregon State campus.
91 aifeds.Japnnese living in all are underway, said Howard Kriz,
Representatives l1:9lr
oLthe coun,ties of Lil']colnr Poll<, junior in pharmacy and ·editor of
Economic's club have
Marion, Benton and Linn, and all Cthe Preview',
The .graduating se~ior ~s .of pointed to p~c~ up co
tnatportioll of
will In.· the Delta 'Zeta, sorority will. be,::-frD,rn
hvmg gfl
Jefferson and Deschutes lying . clure s~ctf?ns on. women. e,.n~bQnQl"!'.<l by the;': sororitY 'with a clothes, ~11l be store.d 0
U; S. highW'lY' J::<o.. 97.
men's. fashIons,' freshman .
Two:'civil cotitrolstiti!»ls ,have 1'\)(l.kLll.1Ld':~k~'W C6Uni;eIQj·S;·~llt. 'a balfqllet on 'Friday night.!
: summ,erses!mm when t
set Up fOl' this area, one onllandTh~pes~l'Ports, ':US!t.ln,gr- -Selli,or Cosf".which~is the tradi- used 10 the rummage
..lQ()ated·~at;·- <so,· Jefferson street, seo"ol 'exp(!lIses,' II, c~lendar .. t>f ti~lUIf firesid~r.~n~.~~::.llftel:
. T~o§e, }!1.. ~~rg~ ?!
and the ptlle'.jl.t~he school : events, a .g.OSSllh<;lllumn·closlnihours'tltlMdliy,rugbt, . are Dorn;Tnrner, Alplu
."""","'",,,. Legio'nliall;North' Cot:' and'.1l milita"ry,se~tion. The Pre·
The senior;' l~t'.wil.lllnd testa: ga; J~yne" Lauffer, A:
tage ·a/ld.chemeketn· streets, Sa· viecw. '. will . i.nCItUle. COlor. Plate
.. s, m,mi will be relid.·and .Uleseni.~. Pi; Genevieve Murr.
lelll;.-:A ::es~~nsible m~m~e: of intreguing layou:s and ll)any PIC- .pr9phe~y wilt ~e nlade iii the Gamma Delta; Mary)
eaeh:famllY'a~ en~h. 10dlvldual tures,stated' Knz.
, ..
ister, Alpha Xt'pel
living 'illone WIll report atl~.c
Jim8aum, sophomore in lower... TheseJiior banquet Wil1be held. Wright, Chi. Omega; •
.nearest·civil·contro] .station be;-"divisi<m""'w,ill, be, co· editor of the:,Lat'6:15 o'cl~k"Frid:ay night... terbos, 'Delta ,Delta I
tween··JIie hours of 8 a. m. and o. Preview; BettySaum,. fresb.n1an~...Parents"'of-the-..seniorS~will-~be'''''eanor(!"Haw6rth, Delta
p. mo'. ,Wednesday. May 27..
in home econoll1ics, will lie ell:ecu. 'guests c
Beniteau, .Gamma Phi I
Evacuation will begin Monday. ,tive? secretaTY; a~d L~n Moyer,
fiuests::will.;I'ls~ .. ineludJ';;Mr§'_~Menig"KappaAlpha~
June 1, ;md must ,be comjl]eted senior in secretarIal sClene.c, bus· BUena M.:Mans, d~an of women,Hatc • Kappa Delta
lly:noon, Wednesday,
illess manager. .
lind Mrs. Kate
'Jaines'on;'fiir;"'~Fo~liter,L8:appa Kapp.
Other ~ernbers of the staff iD' mer dean of women.: .
,;·.. .::.roanMarllle, Pi Beta
elude Ann .nailey;·Ji:mier in honieGifts to the s~,J'fior,s, froTn the Ann French, Sigma Ka
economics; Charles Crookham, chapter house' wiIl be presented lah
Peterson, .Edith
_..D'c:~hrnJll1 . in 10",~!"...divisi()J1; Dic,L at this time 11l~ng with the sen· Thelma .Terry, Fairv;1
Jenning. sophomore in low(>r d,· 'ior g;ft t~' the"house. . '
Bartett, . Hazel Rae; R
.vision;Russ Sackett.sophomo~e .._
. '::'Jajm!son-House ;~t<:fisSix stlldents were initiatediniO'·"in' 'iourn8li"lD}""B?b-:~or"",,'soPhh'- Tcfiriliilo"Kt
Katherine vehakl1h;'JW1~t
ornore in lower dl lsl.on; Dor.ot.y
ler.· Linden· " ; U IS
Si!(ma Delta Pi. spanishathQ~~; Gerling,
m lower dl'"
bureau ·of the
~wo .co-ed-II]-ana
aIrsnadei-and ey '"
~d,~'£hey ,SiycA collection ofbxonzed
e naval.IDr stations has been a boo~~_,
MOST TRAGIC;....:..1..thoughtful stu.
lent named Harry from the south.
new raincoat
a chair in one of the
1e·came back 15 minl.lJes later, the
Ithough the student made no special
Ids have requested that the persons
at return it because, you
mown lad paid for the' following ad~
eared. in a Daily Texan.
of thepetJ:oleu:m engineering
hose with mouthpiece. Slight·
s.,E. Grant, 1845 Os?ge.
ad~well it seems that Grant
having a great'deal of suction with
T: Grant is looking for theunkno:vn
e ad. Confidentially; there was flre ­
All.Night Mov;e Starts Trend
ST. LOUIS (1::.P.)gThe "swing
9;nift' , has come into~- its own in
S~'L~f:,i.:~O;;ce a weeka mId:
by in­
uf the
theater ?itages a five
"p' . ..' "
ouse '. ans
Senior, 'Cosy'
JhecOuntie~of 'Th~
w~' fi"e.~ida-.9U...xl\llfs4aY":lligliWnd -JlUsunHLs.~date.'
fe",or of
. ~council of the
The legislative..
Snelk,.. haU;Jean Rich
English. '
~", ,.