Angelo, ‘16 Hometown: Transferred to Marist: Major:

Angelo, ‘16
Hometown: Pearl River, NY
Transferred to Marist: Fall 2013
Major: Business (Human Resource Management)
Personal Interests: I enjoy entrepreneurship, business,
cars and fitness.
Campus Involvement: I am involved in the Italian
American Club, the Entrepreneur Club, the National
Society of Leadership and Success, as well as the
Emerging Leaders Program.
How I Can Help As Your Peer Mentor (and Former Transfer Student): I took an atypical route when it
came to pursuing my education. I went to a community college for my entire freshman year, and although I knew many
people at Marist, I feared I would have a hard time finding my groove both socially and academically. Fortunately,
many of the students and professors understand that transfer students have a slight disposition and are always willing
to help. I have been fortunate enough to be introduced to many people at Marist through mutual friends and I would
be more than happy to do the same for any incoming transfers.
What I Was Nervous About: I was afraid of the work load after finishing a not-so-challenging year at community
college. Coming in as a sophomore, I thought the work would be very challenging and much harder than what I was
used to. Fortunately is wasn't as bad as I thought and I ended up doing pretty well.
What I Was Excited About: Freedom—the freedom to make decisions on my own and be accountably for the
impact of them. The freedom of not having someone checking in on my every move and having the ability to create my
own path. I was excited to see what Marist had to offer and how it would impact my future.
Advice for an Incoming Transfer Student: Although college is filled with a lot of great opportunities to grow and
expand your knowledge, don't wait for opportunities to come to you. Create your own opportunities and ultimately
create yourself. If you are interested in something that Marist doesn't offer, create it and people with similar interests
will come. When it comes to classes, arrive early and prepare the day before. Failing to plan is planning to fail.
What is it like to be a transfer student at Marist? For me, I didn't feel like a transfer only because I knew quite a bit
of people in my class already through friends and the Summer Program. My adjustment was relatively easily and it came down to
getting to know the life and culture of Marist rather than new people. I did meet a lot of new people who I am still very good
friends with today. College is of course what you make of it and it is an opportunity to create your own path unique to you and no
one else. However, the culture at Marist doesn't discriminate transfer students and it is honestly
hard to decipher different types of students.
“I hope you all enjoyed your Winter break and I look forward to
meeting you all in the Spring! Remember to prepare for the
semester well in advance. Your success depends on it!”