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MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.
1) When light travels from air into water,
A) its velocity, wavelength and frequency all change.
B) its velocity and wavelength change, but its frequency does not change.
C) its velocity changes, but its frequency and wavelength do not change.
D) its frequency changes, but its velocity and wavelength do not change.
E) its wavelength changes, but its velocity and frequency do not change.
2) An electromagnetic wave has a peak electric field of 5.00 kV/m. What is the mean intensity of the wave?
A) 33 kW/m2
B) 66 kW/m2
C) 6.6 kW/m 2
D) 13 kW/m2
3) A light ray reflected from a flat mirror moves through an angle of 79e as the mirror is rotated. Through
what angle was the mirror rotated?
A) 79e
B) 158e
C) 40e
D) 20e
Figure 34.5
4) In Figure 34.5, in the investigation of a new type of optical fiber (index of refraction n = 1.37), a laser beam
is incident on the flat end of a straight fiber in air. What is the maximum angle of incidence q1 if the beam
is not to escape from the fiber?
A) 64.4e
B) 61.6e
C) 69.5e
D) 52.9e
E) 57.0e
Figure 34.2
A ray in glass arrives at the glass-water interface at an angle of 48e with the normal. The refracted ray, in water, makes a
65e angle with the normal. The index of refraction of water is 1.33.
5) In Figure 34.2, the angle of incidence of a different ray in the glass is 30e. The angle of refraction in the
water is closest to:
A) 38e
B) 40e
C) 44e
D) 42e
E) 36e
6) A fish appears to be 10.00 m below the surface of a pond when viewed almost directly above by a
fisherman. What is the actual depth of the fish? (nwater = 1.33)
A) 0.08 m
B) 0.13 m
C) 13.3 m
D) 7.52 m
7) If the peak electric field in an electromagnetic wave is 882 mV/m, what is the peak magnetic field for the
same wave?
A) 8.82 x 10 -4 T
B) 2.94 x 10-12 T
C) 3.40 x 10 11 T
D) 8.82 T
Situation 33.4
An 800 kHz radio signal is detected at a point 2.0 km distant from a transmitter tower. The electric field amplitude of the
signal at that point is 150 mV/m. Assume that the signal power is radiated uniformly in all directions and that radio
waves incident upon the ground are completely absorbed.
8) In Situation 33.4, the average total power radiated by the transmitter is closest to:
A) 2400 W
B) 1500 W
C) 2700 W
D) 1800 W
E) 2100 W
9) Unpolarized light is incident upon two polarization filters that do not have their transmission axes aligned.
If 37% of the light passes through, what is the measure of the angle between the transmission axes of the
A) 65e
B) 60e
C) 31e
D) 68e
10) As you walk away from a plane mirror on a wall, your image
A) may or may not get smaller, depending on where the observer is positioned.
B) is always a real image, no matter how far you are from the mirror.
C) changes from being a virtual image to a real image as you pass the focal point.
D) gets smaller.
E) is always the same size.
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