' ^ S E N T I ^

r •<
Sentry &(Hip
900 Linden Ave.
Rochester. NY 14625
Model Number
Numero de modeie:
Serial Number
Numero de serie: _
6) Tum handle to unbck and pull door to open.
Toumer la poignee pour deverroulller et tirer la porte pour ouvrir.
7) Be sure to remove key and tum dial to lock.
Save your key number
Pour verrouiller, retirer la d e et faire toumer ie cadran.
Garder son numero de cie en lieu sQr .
Your combination is:
Votre combinaison est (A)
To unlock your safe, please follow these steps:
Suivre les etapes suivantes pour deverroulller votre coffre-fort
Remove and discard lockout screw (back of safe dooi).
Enlever et jeter ia vis (parmeau aniere de la porte du coffre).
1) Start with the dial turned to 0.
Racer d'abord le cadran sur 0.
2) Tum dial to LEFT 2 or more whde tums and stop at (fi).
If you have ANY questions PLEASE call our
Custonner Service Department at 800-828-1438,
Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, EST.
Toumer le cadran vers la (sAUCHE de 2 tours compiets ou plus et an'dter sur ( ^ .
3) Turn dial to RIGHT 1 whole tum and stop at (B).
Toumer ie cadran vers la DROITE de 1 tour eomplet et arreter sur (B).
4) Tum dial to LEFT and stop at (C).
Toumer le cadran vers la GAUCHE et an'Ster k (C).
5) Insert key (safes with keylock only).
Inserer la d e (coffres muni d'une serrure seulement).
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Owner's Manual
Models 1230,1250
Models 1310,1330,1380
Models 1400,2200,2230,2280
Important Information to Read!!
A screw Is located in the center of the back of
the sate door. This screw is needed to prevent
the safe from being locked while on display.
Simply remove and discard the screw.
Your safe's serial number is located to the
right of the lower hinge on the outside ot the
sate. This number is vital in the retrieval of a
lost or stolen combination and to the warranty
of your Sentry product. This label should not
be removed, (For models 2200,2230,2280
save key number)
You may notice a slight gap between the safe
body and door or some play in the door. These
are normal features of the safe and do not
affect the performance of the safe at all.
Using Your Safe
• Always lock your safe!
• Storage: Stamps, metals and other delicate
articles should be protected against humidity
released by the safe by storing them in air-tight
containers within the safe,
• Do not store pens in safe.
Important! Photographic films, video tapes,
and computer media (diskettes and tapes) are
not protected properiy in this unit. Store these
items in a Sentry media safe or media file
designed for added protection.
About Theft
Your Sentry safe is designed to provide
security for its contents. No safe is theft-proof;
that is, given the right tools and time any safe
can be opened. Opening a locked safe is a
matter of time, knowledge, skill and equipment. Sentry offers the following advice to
provide further security for your unit:
- Always keep your safe closed and locked
when not in use,
- Utilize the bolt-down feature described in this
- Conceal the safe, if possible,
- Install safe with hinge side away from the
wall and door opening next to the wall. This
makes prying the safe open difficult,
- Do not share the combination. Do not write
the combination on or near the safe,
- Do not tell anyone where the safe is located
(except in the event of a fire,)
- Do not place empty safe carton out with your
trash. Cut carton into pieces and discard.
in Case of Fire
Advise fire department of safe's location. Cool
safe with fine spray of water or CO ^ fire
extinguisher. Always cool safe before opening.
Lost Combinations/Keys
You may get a copy of your combination or key
from our office in the United Stales provided we
1, Written statement of ownership witnessed
and signed by a notary public.
2, $6,00 (U,S. dollars) research fee. Please
send a check or money order, do not send cash, ,
3, Serial number from white label located on the
outside of safe. Do not send the Undenwriters
Laboratory number located on the inside of the
safe door.
Wheels for your safe can be purchased by using
the order form in the "Better Safe Than Sorry"
brochure or by mailing your check or money
order (do not send cash) for $5,00 (in NYS add
8% sales tax) to Sentry Accessories, P.O. Box
10189, Rochester, New York 14610.
Customer Assistance:
If you experience product or parts problems, or
would like information on other Sentry products,
write or call:
Sentry Group
Customer Sen/ice
900 Linden Avenue
Rochester, NY 14625 USA
(716) 381-4900 Mon.-Fri, 8-5,
Eastern Standard Time,
Outside of USA: See your local retailer or call
Sentry Group (only English spoken).
Dampness inside the safe is common due to the
high humidity content in insulation. Moisture
absorbing paper has been packed inside your
safe to help reduce dampness and should not
be removed. It is also recommended that you
leave the door open tor a few hours every week
to let moisture out. DO NOT LEAVE SAFE
UNATTENDED for security reasons. Remove
any damp items inside safe and dry thoroughly
before returning to the safe.
Never store suede or leather produds in safe,
because they draw moisture into the safe.
Installation of Safe
For Wooden Floors
Again, extra security can be achieved by
installing safe In a comer with hinge side
of safe away from wall and door opening
side next to wall. This makes it difficult to
pry open safe.
With access to underside of floor,
• Drill two 5/16" (0,79 cm) diameter holes in
floor in desired location, matching holes from
safe bottom. Avoid floor joists.
• Place safe in position, lining up holes in safe
with holes in floor. Place washers on 1/4"
(0,63 cm) bolts, pass bolts through safe and
floor. Place washers on bolts, and tighten
nuts, (Figure 2)
Safety Rules:
• Do not pick up safe with door open,
• Do not drill through carpeting,
• Drill through safe bottom only at designated
indentions on safe floor.
• Place safe in desired position, mark safe
location with lag screw or nail.
• Do not remove plastic wheel cups on the
bottom of the safe.
• When drilling, be sure to dear the area.
For Concrete Floors
• Drill two 1/2" (1.27 cm) diameter holes in
floor martted by lag screw or nail.
• Install two masonry ianchors in floor,
• Place safe in position, pass lag screws
through washers, safe and into floor. Tighten
to secure safe, (Figure 3)
Tools Required: (not included)
• Screw driver or wrench
•Hand drill (5/16")
• Hammer
• Two spacer washers and nuts
• Two masonry anchors if installing in concrete
• Two 4" Lx 1/4" dia. bolts
023^0250)l < J m 6" L X1/4" dia, bolts
For Model 1230
Follow these installation instmctions for boltdown of the model 1230 only,
• Tip safe onto its side.
• Drill two 5/16" (0.79 cm) diameter holes
through the bottom of the safe.
• Place safe in desired position,
• Mart( holes from inside the safe with the tip
of a nail or screw.
• Follow directions for installation on
wooden or concrete floors.
How to Bolt Unit:
^ ' Foltow these instnjctions for models (1250,
" 1310,1330, IJjaO, 1400,2200,2230,2280)
(See instwctions in next column for
model 1230)
• Drill two 5/16" holes through safe bottom at
designated areas. (It is not necessary to
remove plastic wheel cups on the bottom of
the safe.)
• Place safe in desired location and, inserting
a nail or lag screw through the safe flooring.
mart( location for drilling, (Figure 1)
Sentry Group's Limited Warranty
This insulated product Is made of good quality
material by skilled workers and is designed to
provide trouble-free sen/ice with ordinary use
and care. Sentry Group, 900 Linden Avenue,
Rochester, NY 14625, USA (the "Manufacturer") warrants the quality of the product
according to the terms and conditions stated in
this wananty. All of our products bearing an
Undenvriter's Laboratories, Inc, label are
warranted to comply with the requirements for
the Underwriter's Laboratories Testing,
Labeling, and Inspection Service,
(3 years for models 1230,1250,1310,1330,
(5 years for models 2200,2230,2280)
(Off price or second quality merchandise is not
covered by Sentry's Limited Wananty,)
Products Purchased Outside the
United States
In the event of a stnictural or mechanical
defect, the retailer will replace the product
provided that the purchaser returns the
product to the retailer within the one-year
wananty period or no later than ten (10) days
thereafter. The return to the retailer must
include a copy of the sales receipt or other
proof of the date of purchase. The product or
defective part or parts thereof received in
accordance with the provisions of this warranty
will be replaced or repaired, without charge,
except for the cost of retuming the repaired
product or parts to the purchaser.
Warranty Against Fire Damage
Warranty Against Structural and
Mechanical Defects
This product was inspected thoroughly before
leaving the factory and is wananted to the
original retail purchaser for one (1) year from
the date of purchase to be free of structural
and mechanical defects due to faulty materials
or worttmanship.
Products Purchased Within the
United States
In the event of a stnictural or mechanical
defect, the Manufacturer will repair or replace
the defective part or parts from the factory,
provided that the purchaser notifies the
Manufacturer In writing of the existence and
nature of the defect within the one-year
warranty period or no later than ten (10) days
thereafter. The notice to the Manufacturer
must include a copy of the sales receipt or
other proof of the date of purchase.
In addition to the wananty against stnictural or
mechanical defects, the Manufacturer
warrants to the original retail purchaser that it
will replace the Sentry product at no charge to
the purchaser, F,O.B, the Manufacturer's
factory, if the product is damaged by fire within
three (3) years after date of purchase. This
replacement will occur provided:
1. The purchaser returns the attached
guarantee forni, together with a statement of
facts and details of the fire, including a
photograph of the burned product and
contents; and
2, The purchaser grants the Manufacturer
pemiission to use his/her name and story of
the fire in its advertising,
100% Customer
Satisfaction Guarantee
Our commitment: to guarantee that you are
100% satisfied with this Sentry product. If at
any time during the first full year after
purchase, you are not entirely satisfied, call us
toll free at 1-800-828-1438. We'll solve the
problem or ensure that you receive a
replacement or full refund.
(Models 2200, 2230,2280)
The Proud Employees
of Sentry Group
The wananties set forth above are subject to
the following limitations:
1, The Manufacturer's responsibility and the
buyer's exdusive remedy under this wananty
is limited to the repair or replacement of the
defective part(s) or product, as set forth
above. The Manufacturer shall not b« liable
for any inddental or consequential damages
(Including but not limited to loss or damage
due to fire, water, theft, or vandalism) to
persons or property resulting from the breach
of this or any other express or implied
wananty applicable to the product. Some
states, provinces, or countries do not allow the
exclusion or limitation of incidental or
consequential damages, so the above
limitation or exdusion may not apply to you,
2, Except as may be otherwise provided by
applicabte law, the Manufacturer hereby
disclaims any and all other covenants and
warranties, whether written or oral,
express or Implied, Including but not
limited to the Implied wananties of
merchantability and fitness for a particular
urpose. Where provided by applicable
iw, such Implied wanantles shall be
limited in duration to a period of one (1)
year from the date of purchase. Some
states, provinces, or rountries do not allow
disclaimers or limitations of implied wananties, so the above disclaimer and limitation
may not completely apply to you,
3, In the United States, these warranties shall
be void if repairs are made outside the factory
without prior authorization of the Manufacturer. Outside the United States the wananty
is void in the event that repairs are made
without contacting the retailer to replace the
4, The Manufacturer is not responsible for
damage to the product incurred during
shipment. The product was packed in
accordance with Interstate (jommerce
Commission specifications and with
reasonable handling should be in good
condition on arrival. Any claims for shipping
damage should be made directly to the
6. No Sentry Group agent, employee,
representative, dealer or retailer has the
authority to make or imply any representation,
promise or agreement which in any way varies
the terms of this Limited Warranty. /
All of the provinces of this Limited Wananty
are separate and severable, which means that
if any provision is held invalid and unenforceable, such determination shall not affect the
validity or enforceability of the other provisions
This Limited Wananty gives you specific legal
rights, which vary from state-to-state,
province-to-province, or country-to-country.
Do not ship defective units back to the
manufacturer. Manufacturer will not be
responsible for tost units.
Fill out information below and retain.
To receive your replacement unit, submit this
form to Sentry Group AFTER product has
been damaged by fire.
Name of Original Owner
Sold by
Date of Original Purchase
Sentry Group
900 Linden Avenue
Rochester, NY 14625 USA
5, These wananties do not cover delects
caused by modification, alteration, repair or
senrice of the product by anyone other than
the Manufacturer or its authorized representatives, physical abuse to, or misuse oi, the