Poetry Unit Editor’s Name: Peer Evaluation

Poetry Unit
Peer Evaluation
Editor’s Name:
Poet’s Name:
Directions: Please read one of your classmate’s poems, and
analyze their work using the following as a guide.
1) Who or what do you see as the voice/speaker of this poem?
2) The requirements of the assignment ask for a minimum of three
figurative devices. Are they apparent in this piece? Write the names of
the devices here, and underline the examples on the rough draft.
3) What tone has been established in this poem? Identify the line that
best helped you identify that tone.
ToneLine4) Explain the theme of this poem. What is the message that this poet
is trying to convey?
5) Which of the following would you classify this poem as and why:
Place, Survival, Upheaval, or Combination