September 2, 2010 Noon- to 2:00pm in the Conference Center

September 2, 2010
Noon- to 2:00pm in the Conference Center
1. South Suburban Conference Pass: For you
and if your staff needs more please get them
from me and distribute.
2. Sports Authority—new partner with the
league, please pass on to kids.
3. RHS Athletic Brochure—please pass out to
parents at your parent/player meeting.
Marsha has more.
4. Conference Policies—Attend pre/post
season meeting
5. MSHSL Policy ##(show coaches clipboard)
6. Your Budget—stack of full budgets on
7. Coaches Association dues—I pay head
coach only. Fill out now and give to Marsha.
8. Concussion email. Please read. We will
probably look at preseason screening next
9. Employee or independent contractor
questionnaire. For you summer camp
10.Method to determine classification with
the league. Be aware of discussions in your
coaches association. Let me know your
position on this.
11. Athletic Eligibility new requirements.
12.New advertising policy. (explain what we
are doing.
13. Yellow registration packet point out the
Student code of conduct
Inappropriate Behavior by students
Parent Pledge
Parent communication guidelines
Transportation form
Emergency card information
Make sure you go. $500 fine to school. You
will get a code at meeting to put in at league
website. Written test if you miss.
Dates are in folder. Some online
Don’t miss a SSC head coaches meeting
Send 9th grade coach when they ask
Athena Banquet
◦ Head Coach only. Getting
way to expensive.
Annual Region Banquet
◦ September 22nd at South
St. Paul 6:00pm
◦ Your tournament
manager should have
contacted you.
School Van
◦ 1.Driver’s lic checked every six months
◦ 2. Two hour training by Tim Bergstedt (once)
◦ 3. Annual online review through district
transportation site.
◦ Your Car
◦ 1. One and three above.
◦ 2. Your car needs to be checked once per year at
transportation when state patrol is there.
◦ Email list serve or through Carol
◦ Preseason meeting
Be Informative
Don’t waste their time
Give out athletic brochure (mission, vision, and
communication process)
 Team up Video (## show now)
 Please get this from me and show to your parents
Demonstrate RHS/South Suburban
Conference home page##
◦ Calendar
◦ Maps
◦ Web page
 Live calendars## static practice
 Examples, Boy’s Lacrosse, Boys Hockey, etc…
Submit a practice calendar to Marsha or make sure
there is an easy link on your web page. (especially
9th grade info)
Web Page
Chemical (marsha will pass out form)
Overnight Field Trip request forms
1. Keep affordable
2. Fill out Marsha’s packet two weeks ahead
of time to get awards.
3. Bring students up one time and give all
items (letters, bars, academic pins, special
awards, memory books, certificates)
4. Captains: please name at banquet for the
next year. Handout “Playing Beyond the
Scoreboard” books. Study Guide
List coming around table
Counselors will see and give NCAA clearing
house information
Potential in 10th and 11th
Possible 12th
Communicate by email to Lori about the
times you want doors unlocked and locked.
No propping doors open
If boosters have meetings send this
information to Marsha (facility) and Lori
Keep me informed.
Also let Marsha know
about details for pick
up or make sure
parents don’t call
looking for
Don’t burden your
Account for all the
Ask yourself if you
really need the item
or coaches you are
fundraising to pay.
Go over list
Coaches all levels encourage your kids once
per week to refrain from chemicals
Get Captain’s books from me “Playing beyond
the Scoreboard” Hand out at banquet when
you name captains.
Summer Attendance: Best Ever!!
School hours
◦ Fall and spring teams will supervise
◦ When you leave kick kids out!
◦ Winter 2:30-3:30 Trussel will supervise
Encourage weight training classes!!!! For next
Keys are signed out in my office we have 5
Sara will coordinate the winter schedule
◦ How is it going?
◦ Issues and concerns
Brett Larson has combos and numbers for the
boys side. Jeanne/Tracy will have them for
the girls side.
Keep them clean, team space with TV VCR
and white boards.
Tell kids to treat space well.
Don’t prop locker room doors open.
◦ Get extra badges for your captains or have your
staff let the players in after practices and games.
Any varsity players that have transferred in to
Foreign students playing varsity?
Give me names now
Ten minute video (show now##)
◦ AED at west entrance, east entrance and trainer has
one on her at games.
Rosemount 2010-2011
Hit 350 athletic points!
Be the top in the district!
Be in the top 10 ranking for
the Challenge Cup