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Brag Ad
You’re proud of your little star and should be! The yearbook has the “Grad Ad”…….our program has the “Brag Ad!” An example is shown below. Include a favorite childhood photo and a short message. The Cost is $25 to have your Brag Ad in the print program and $50 to also have it shown on the BIG SCREEN before the show. Indicate choice. _____ $25 (PROGRAM ONLY) _____ $50 (PROGRAM AND BIG SCREEN) Shirley Temple
Curly top,
you’re our little star!
From the big stage to
the political stage…
we’re so proud of you!
Your biggest fans!
Please submit photo and completed form with payment to Barb Highum in the Main Office. Name______________________________________________________________ Phone______________________________ Student’s Name_______________________________________ Grade_________ Message:___________________________________________________________
___________________________________________________________________ Photos will be scanned and returned. Please include a stamped self addressed envelope for photo return. 
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