Name: ______________________ Guided Notes Tues. Sept 9

Name: ______________________
Guided Notes
Tues. Sept 9th
1. Identify the hypothesis and the conclusion of this conditional statement:
a) If Ms. Slagle is your teacher, then you are very lucky.
b) If y – 3 = 5, then y = 8.
2. Write each sentence as a conditional.
a) An acute angle measures less than 90.
b) A square has four congruent sides.
3. Show that this conditional is false by finding a counterexample:
If you are walking quickly between classes, then you will never be tardy. .
4. Draw a Venn diagram to illustrate each of the following conditionals:
a) If something is a golden retriever, then it is a dog.
b) If you live in Colorado, then you live in Fort Collins.
5. Write the converse of the following conditional:
If two lines are not parallel and do not intersect, then they are skew.
6. Write the converse of each conditional statement. Determine the truth value of the
conditional and its converse.
a) If it is Saturday, then I am having fun.
b) If two lines do not intersect, then they are parallel.