2. Find a counterexample to show that the

1. Find a pattern for the sequence. Use the pattern
to show the next two terms.
5, 52 , 54 , 85 , 165 , …
2. Find a counterexample to show that the
conjecture is false.
The product of two positive numbers is greater that the sum of the two numbers.
3. Alfred is practicing typing. The first time he tested himself, he
could type 35 words per minute. After practicing for a week, he
could type 40 words per minute, and after two weeks he could type
45 words per minute. Use inductive reasoning to predict how fast
he will be able to type after 4 weeks of practice.
4. Name the plane represented by the left side of the figure.
5. What is the intersection of plane CBA and plane DECA?
6. Use coplanar or noncoplanar to describe the following sets
of points.
a) X, U, Y, Z
b) S, W, T, X
7. Use always, sometimes, or never to make a true statement.
a) Two lines are __________ coplanar.
b) Two points are __________ collinear.
8. If two rays have the same endpoint, are they
always opposite rays? Explain.
9. Name the line in three different ways.
10. Name a segment.
11. Name a pair of opposite rays.
12. Name all segments that are skew to segment BF.
13. Name all segments parallel to EG.
14. Which of these points, if any, is the midpoint of AE?
What is the measure of each segment?
CD =
CE =
AB =
AE =
15. If EF = 3x – 10, FG = 2x – 15, and EG = 20, find the
value of x. Then find EF and FG.
16. C is the midpoint of AB. Find x, AC, CB, and AB.