Geometry Chapter 1 Test – Sections 1-1 to 1-9



Chapter 1 Test – Sections 1-1 to 1-9

Section: 5 points each (

except vocab section is worth 15)

Basic: 1 Correct: 3 points

Proficient: 2 Correct: 4 points

Advanced: 3 Correct: 6 points


Date ___________ Period ___


Section 1: Patterns and Inductive Reasoning –

B. Use inductive reasoning to find the next two terms in the sequence. -7, -2, 3, 8, …

P. Describe the pattern in the sequence. 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, …

A. Provide a counterexample for the following statement:

If two lines never intersect, then they must be parallel lines.

Section 2: Points, Lines and Planes –

B. Name a segment that is parallel to segment XY.

P. What is the intersection of plane STU and plane WZV?

A. Name a line that is skew with line SW.

Section 3: Segments, Rays, Parallel Lines and Planes –

B. Name the intersection of line AB and line EA.

P. Name another point that is coplanar with CGH.

A. Use the figure to name a pair of parallel planes.

Section 4: Points, Lines, Planes, Segments, Rays, Parallel Lines and Planes –

B. Name segment RT in another way. P. Name a pair of opposite rays.

A. Decide whether each of the following are true or false. a) If AB and AC are opposite rays, then they are collinear. _______ b) If two rays have the same endpoint, then they form a line. _______

Section 5: Measuring Segments –

B. Draw and label a segment named AB with midpoint C.

P. Use your drawing from part B. If AC = 4x + 3 and CB = 7x – 6, find the value of x.

A. MP = 62, use the figure below to find the value of





Section 6: Measuring Angles –

B. Use a protractor to measure. P. Name an angle that is supplementary to 65°.

A. MO bisects <LMN, m<LMO = 8x – 23, and m<NMO = 2x + 37. Solve for


and find



The diagram is not to scale.

Section 7: Constructions –

B. Construct a segment congruent to segment FC.

P. Construct a perpendicular bisector of segment HS.

A. Construct an angle bisector to <A.

Section 8: Coordinate Planes

B. The endpoint of a segment is (2, -6) and the other endpoint is (2, 12). What is the midpoint?

Use the diagram at the left for the rest of this problem.

P. Find and label the midpoint of segment AM.

A. Find the distance between A and M.

Section 9: Area and Perimeter and Circumference

Find the perimeter of a rectangle with width of 21 inches and length of 7 inches. B.


Find the area of a circle in terms of π with diameter of 16 feet.

A. Find the circumference of a circle in terms of π with radius of 3.7 feet.

Section 10: VOCAB

_____ Complimentary angles

_____ Vertical Angles

_____ Adjacent angles

_____ Drawing

_____ Supplementary angles

_____ Counterexample

_____ Conjecture

_____ Bisect

_____ Coplanar

_____ Opposite Rays

_____ Plane

_____ Postulate

_____ Collinear Points

_____ Acute Angle

_____ Construction


2 angles whose sum is 180 degrees


Cut in 2 congruent parts


2 angles whose sum is 90 degrees

D. formed by a ruler and protractor.

E. Math fact

F. 2 collinear rays with the same endpoint.

G. Named by 3 noncollinear points

H. A conclusion you reach using inductive reasoning.

I. Points and lines in the same plane.

J. Points that lie on the same line.

K. Formed by the use of a straightedge and compass.

L. An example that is used to prove

M. conjectures false.