Assignment: Constitution Name:

Assignment: Constitution
In this section you were given a brief summary of the first 3 Articles of the Constitution. Now you will do
your own research and consider the remaining Articles and their impact on your life.
The following link will provide you with a modern copy of the Constitution. The Constitution of the
United States: A Transcription
Answer the following questions using complete sentences and supporting points.
1. Correctly cite 2 other online resources you used to research these topics.
Article IV
2. Article IV of the Constitution has four sections. Briefly define the purpose of those four sections.
Article V
3. In what two ways can an amendment to the Constitution be proposed?
4. Why do you believe our Founders made it so difficult to add amendments to the Constitution? Over
9000 have be proposed, but only 27 have been passed since 1790.
Article VI
5. What is the Supremacy Clause and how does its purpose impact the government?
Article VII
6. How many states were needed to ratify the Constitution?
7. Which state was the first to ratify and which was the last state to ratify the Constitution?
8. Why were people concerned when Virginia and New York initially did not jump to ratify the
Constitution (Hint: it has something to do with the size of the states and the need for a widely accepted
system of government)?
Extending the Ideas
9. The Founding Fathers were pretty smart to leave the Constitution so open ended. Maybe some of them
thought about the nation having to amend the right of African Americans or women to vote someday, but
it is doubtful that something like phone privacy; much less cell phone privacy could even be imagined.
Considering what you know about the Constitution, and doing some further research on your own,
answer the following question in 1 – 2 paragraphs. Be sure to provide supporting evidence for your
How successful is the Constitution as a plan of government?