Road Trip!!

Road Trip!!
You found out that you can drive your car 392 miles on one tank of gas and your car has a 14 gallon tank. The
number of miles traveled varies directly with the number of gallons you use.
1. Write an equation: ________________.
2. What is the constant of variation? _____________ What does this represent in terms of the problem?
3. You only have enough money to buy 3.7 gallons of gas. One problem: your fuel light has gone out in
your car so you don’t know when to refuel! You’re going to have to use your odometer instead. Right
now your car has 78,456 miles on it. What is the highest number of miles your car can get to before you
have to stop for gas?
4. Last year you drove 11,700 miles. About how many gallons of gas did you use?
5. The price of gas right now is about $3.41 per gallon. How much would it cost you to get to Denver
(about 45 miles)?