Academic Interest Survey for Registration and Advising NAME:

Academic Interest Survey for Registration and Advising
Return With Your Housing Form
Please answer carefully the following questions. We will be using this information in a variety of ways to ensure that
your first semester at Pacific University is a smooth and enjoyable one. Please give us your best, most informed
answers at this point in time. Please answer all the questions below (both sides of this sheet!).
During your school experience so far, which academic subjects / courses do you find most interesting?
Which academic subjects / courses are the least interesting to you?
What were the math classes you took in high school (or another college) and what years did you take them? Please
list very specific course titles, e.g. “Algebra I” etc.
Year (e.g. ’09 – ’10)
If you took languages other than English in high school or another college, what languages were they, how many
years did you take them, and when did you last take them? (At Pacific we call these languages World Languages,
and they are taught by faculty in the World Languages & Literatures Department.)
Last year taken ____
Last year taken _____
___ I have not yet taken another language.
5. One General Education Core Requirement at Pacific is to complete a second language through the 102 level (a full
year of college language instruction). Do you plan on taking a World Language course at Pacific this fall semester?
Which Language?
6. List any College level coursework, AP, or IB subject test scores of 4 or greater that you would like
to have reviewed for college credit.
1. ______________________________
2. ____________________________________
It will be helpful to you and your academic advisor if you let us know your current thinking about what academic
major(s) you may be interested in pursuing at Pacific. Certain majors require that students promptly enter a
carefully prescribed and sequenced series of courses. Students must formally declare a major by the end of the
sophomore year, though they may do so earlier (see the Registrar to do this). Using the following list, number the
major(s) in which you are interested in order of your preference/level of interest (“1” = most interested). To
review the nature of each major area, access and click on the academic
department/major links on the left side of the web page; for other general information, access the College Catalog
Applied Science (see Catalog)
Business Administration
___ Accounting
___ International Business
___ Management
___ Marketing
Computer Science
Coordinated Studies in Humanities
(see Catalog)
Education and Learning
___ Literature
___ Creative Writing
Environmental Science
Environmental Studies
Exercise Science
___ Integrative Physiology
___ Motor Behavior
International Studies
Media Arts
___ Film and Video
___ Integrated Media
___ Journalism
___ General Media Studies
___ Music
___ Music Education
___ Music Performance
___ Philosophy
___ Ethics, Society, and Law
___ Physics
___ Politics and Government
___ Psychology
___ Social Work
___ Sociology
___ Theatre
World Languages and Literatures
___ French Studies
___ German Studies
___ Japanese
___ Modern Languages
___ Spanish
8. Please list your career goals as they now stand. List more than one if you are considering multiple options, or
"undecided" if you want to leave many career doors open.
1. ______________________________
2. ____________________________________
9. Have you already been in contact with a Pacific University professor in regard to your academic interests
or advising and registration for fall semester? If so, name the professor.
10. Do you have plans to enter a graduate school program at Pacific University after your undergraduate
education? If so, which program?
We must have your final high school transcript on file before you can enroll in classes at Pacific
University. Please make arrangements with your counselor or registrar to have the transcript sent to the
admissions office as soon as your graduations date has been posted.
Rev 10/15/09