Assignment: Cold War Name:


Assignment: Cold War Name:

The Cold War had a lot of negative effects including the arms race, cultural fear, military conflict and weapons of mass destruction.

But it also spurred the United States into some positive benefits.

Below is an example:

In late 1957 the Soviet launch of the Sputnik satellite sparked interest in the United States in science education even among elementary school children. In 1958, Thermos produced this lunch box evoking space travel and landings on distant moons and planets. Children were a receptive audience to this imaginary yet hopeful view of scientific achievement in the early years of the space race. This is one of the few pop culture lunch boxes from the late 1950s not designed around a television show.

Competing interest in space led to significant advancements, including rockets capable of leaving orbit.

Satellite Lunch Box

Complete some additional research on some of the benefits of the Cold War.

Select two benefits and explain what, who, when, where, why and how about each, similar to the explanation of the lunch box above.

Areas you might want to explore include:


Science and Technology


Benefit 1:

Benefit 2: