Assignment: Revolutionary War Scavenger Hunt Name:

Assignment: Revolutionary War Scavenger Hunt
Use all of the resources available; Internet, books, people, to complete a
scavenger hunt of the American Revolution.
Make certain you read and answer the questions completely.
Things you need to hunt for:
1. Briefly describe what happened in 1775 on the outskirts of Boston?
2. Briefly describe when and how the Patriots recaptured Boston?
3. Who were the Hessians and why were they involved in the war?
4. What is this famous American symbol and what does it stand for?
5. What were three disadvantages faced by George Washington and the
Continental Army in fighting the war?
6. What were three advantages George Washington and the Continental
Army had over the British that helped them to eventually win the war?
7. What was the geographic and political importance of New York in the war?
8. Who were the allies of the colonists in the war and how did they help the
war effort?
9. Describe at least two ways in which Benjamin Franklin was important to
the war effort.
10. Describe the location and importance of Valley Forge.
11. Find a picture of Washington Crossing the Delaware and describe it in 10
12. What was the importance of the Battle of Bunker Hill?
13. Briefly describe the role of Africans in fighting in the Revolutionary War?
14. What was the deadliest battle of the War?
15. Why did most eastern Native Americans support Britain in the War?
16. Why was there more loyalist support of Britain in the south during the
17. How did Cornwallis get trapped?
18. Who represented the colonists at the Treaty of Paris?
19. List three sites that you found that are good resources for Revolutionary
War information.
20. Select one of the sites you listed and briefly describe why you think it’s
particularly good.
21. Do a search and find out how much the Revolutionary War cost.