____/ 40 20 protist unit. The test will be chosen from student

____/ 40
Students Write Questions for the Test
Write 20 questions. Make questions for each part of the
protist unit. The test will be chosen from student
generated questions. Look for your questions on the test!
 5 multiple choice:
Write exact question and possible answers A –E.
Circle the correct answer.
 5 Fill in the blank questions :
Write exact question.
Write correct answer below each question.
 5 Matching questions:
Write descriptions and five possible answers A-E.
Make a key for each question, giving the correct
answer for each question.
 5 Diagram questions.
Sketch your diagram.
Label structures with letters A-E.
Specify if you want the structure to be identified
by its common name or Phylum or Group, or whether
you want the function of the organelle or its name.
Provide key to your diagram questions.