Botany Name Phylogeny Worksheet # 1

Phylogeny Worksheet # 1
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1. How many species are in the Kingdom Plantae?
2. What substance is found in plant cells?
3. What three levels of organization do plants exhibit? (choices are: cell, tissue, organ, organ
4. From which kingdom did plants develop?
5. Which two types of chlorophyll are present in all plants?
6. What type of life cycle do plants exhibit?
7. Which type of plant is in the phylum Bryophyta?
8. What is an example (Genus) of a moss?
9. Which plant structures do mosses lack?
10. What is the dominant generation (most noticeable/larger/recognized form) of a moss?
11. Where do moss sporophytes grow?
12. What is the common name of the phylum Hepatophyta?
13. What is the common name of the phylum Anthocerophyta?
14. What three plant structures do hornworts and liverworts lack?
15. Which three plant phyla contain non-vascular plants?
16. Which phylum contains seedless vascular plants?
17. What is the common name for the phylum Pterophyta?
18. Compare the size of the gametophyte v.s. the sporophyte plants in mosses v.s. ferns. (20
19. What are the reproductive structures of ferns called? Where are the located? (2)
20. What three structures do ferns have that mosses lack?
21. Which three phyla contain seedless vascular plants (besides Pterophyta)?
22. In which type of habitat must non-vascular plants live? Why? (2)