Mosses and Ferns Chapter 21 pages 449 - biology-rocks

Mosses and Ferns Chapter 21 pages 449-461
1. List four general problems faced by plants that live on land? P. 450
2. What 3 groups are found in the phylum Bryophytes? P. 451
3. What are the 2 adaptations that enable bryophytes to survive on land? P.452-453
4. Draw and label the capsule, stalk, sporophyte, gametophyte, and rhizoids of a typical
5. What is an archegonium? An antheridium? Why are these structures important in the life
cycle of a moss? P. 453
6. How do gametophyte and sporophyte of bryophytes differ from all other land plants?
1. What are vascular tissues? P. 455
2. How many types of vascular tissue have we talked about and how are they different?
3. What are tracheid cells?
4. How are ferns adapted to life on land (at least 4 ways)? P. 455-457
5. What generation in ferns is most obvious? P. 458
6. How are ferns used by people? P. 460-461
7. How are mosses used by people? P. 460-461