Chromosomal Disorder Project

Chromosomal Disorder Project
Create a PowerPoint presentation that you will present to the class about one of the following chromosomal
disorders. The requirements for your presentation are listed below.
List of possible disorders: (Only one person may do a disorder. Sign up with Mr. Foster.)
1. Downs syndrome
2. Edwards Syndrome
3. Turner Syndrome
4. Extra X Chromosome
5. XYY syndrome
6. Klinefelter syndrome
7. Triplo-X females
8. Cri-du-chat syndrome
9. Patau syndrome
10. Alagille syndrome
11. 22q13.3 deletion syndrome
12. Prader-Willi syndrome 259
13. Angelman syndrome
14. Wolf Hirschhorn syndrome
15. Trisomy 16
16. Fagile X syndrome
17. Duchenne muscular dystrophy
18. Phenylketonuria (PKU)
19. Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome
20. Aicardi Syndrome
21. Stickler/Marshall Syndromes (Very similar)
22. Bloom Syndrome
23. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
24. Wiscott-Aldrich Syndrome
25. Marfan Syndrome
List of Requirements:
1. What is a Chromosomal Disorder? (1pt)
2. Define:
a. Mutation (1pt)
b. Polyploidy (1pt)
c. Aneuploidy (1pt)
d. Trisomy (1pt)
e. Monosomy (1pt)
f. Euploid (1pt)
g. Uniparental Disomy (1pt)
3. Name of disorder you chose. (2pts)
4. Where did the name come from? (2pts)
5. Genotype- How does a person have this disorder? (How are the chromosomes different?) (4pts)
6. Phenotype- (4pts)
a. Severity of mental disability in any
b. IQ range
c. Other Symptoms (physical or mental)
7. Is it detectable prior to birth? If so, how and when? If not, when? (2pts)
8. Occurrence in humans (How often is a person born with this disorder?) (2pts)
9. How long can a person with this disorder live? (2pts)
10. Are they susceptible to diseases or things that a person with a euploid set of chromosomes is not? (2pts)
11. Include a picture of a person with the disorder. (2pts)
12. Can this disorder be passed to further generations? (2pts)
13. You will also be graded on neatness and creativity (Font size, Pictures, Spacing, Color contrast…)
Total- 42 pts