Age-related profiles of people with Down syndrome

Age-related profiles of people with Down syndrome: patterns of survival, hospitalisation and
community support.
Research Assistant Professor Emma Glasson, Professor Alan Bittles, Dr Danielle Dye, Professor Liz
Geelhoed, Dr Janine Alan
Over the last 50 years, people with Down syndrome have been living to older ages and are now
expected to live to age 60. People with Down syndrome also age prematurely and will therefore
experience many years of specialist adult care, with full dependence on others to manage and
provide it. The actual use of hospitals and in-home support needs during adulthood for people with
Down syndrome are unknown. This project will look at these aspects using people of all ages, with a
specific focus on adulthood and old age. The findings will help to suggest appropriate supports,
treatments and carer needs, so that survival into old age can be matched by a good quality of life.
Information on Down Syndrome from WARDA is contributing to this study.