Publish payments Publish revenues Work with technical experts to interpret

Publish payments
Publish revenues
Publish contracts, concessions & licences
Ensure open bidding process and
publish extractive contracts, concessions
& licences awarded
Publish data on their benecial ownership
Report transparently on impacts of
extractive activities – environment,
local community and human rights
Publish budgets – including planned
and actual expenditure
Pass domestic legislation, requiring oil,
gas and mining companies to publish
what they pay on a project-by-project basis
Establish public registries of
companies benecial ownership
Join the Open Government Partnership
and the EITI
Support infomediaries
Work with technical experts to interpret
the extractive industry data
Actively participate in the budgetary process
Track the use of public expenditure at
national and subnational levels
Identify gaps in extractive
industry data available
Work actively with government and
companies in the implementation
& monitoring of extractive reporting