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This letter is to inform you of the classes for which you need to register for the upcoming term.
We have provided you with the course name and section as well as synonym numbers to use
for Express Registration through EagleNet.
Priority Registration is April 4-8, 2016. Please check EagleNet your priority date and time
schedule. Failure to register by April 25, 2016 may result in being dropped from the Medical
Assisting program.
If you intend to participate in this program on a part-time basis, please refer to the “Part Time
Medical Assisting Program Planning Sheet” at
and register for classes in the order recommended.
If you have any questions please contact Allied Health (319) 398-5566.
Group A
Medical Lab
Basic Electrocardiography
MA Clinical Procedures
Math for Medications
MA Pharmacology
Basic Medical Office Insurance
Group B
MAP-210-CRF01 (0256881)
MAP-260-CRF01 (0256882)
MAP-260-CRF02 (0256883)
MAP-312-CRF01 (0256884)
MAP-501-CRF01 (0256885)
MAP-513-CRF01 (0256886)
MAP-403-CRF01 (0259118)
Completion of General Education courses prior to graduation with the Associates of Applied
Science (AAS) degree is the responsibility of you as the student.
The following General Education Courses are required to be completed prior to the completion
of the program to meet the A.A.S degree option. Some of these courses may already be
completed but ALL have to be completed before the degree is granted:
 ADM-105 Introduction to Keyboarding
 BCA-189 Microcomputer Literacy
 COM-222 Communication for Health Care Professional or COM-744
Communication in the Workplace or SPC-101 Fundamentals of Oral Com or
SCP-112 Public Speaking
 ENG-105 Composition I
 HUM-XXX Humanities Elective Course (3 credits)
 MAT-731 Introduction to Math (or a higher college level math course)
 PSY-111 Introduction to Psychology
 SOC-XXX Social Science Elective
 XXX-XXX General Electives (9 credits total)
2/19/16 2nd Sem.dox