Math 414: Analysis I Extra Credit Due: May 2nd, 2014 Name:

Math 414: Analysis I
Extra Credit
Due: May 2nd, 2014
In this assignment, you will create a mock final to help you study and prepare for the
actual final that occurs on Tuesday, May 6th from 9:45 AM to 11:45 AM. Here are
the guidelines for the assignment.
1. Your practice final exam must consist of 12 questions. None of the questions can
come from any past exam in this course, practice exam, turn-in homework problems
or examples/theorems we’ve done in class (What would be the fun in that!?).
2. Instead, your problems will come from the textbook (or another appropriate textbook), ideally those that were assigned as extra practice problems that are on your
exam topic sheets. You mock final should be formulated using:
(a) 1-2 problems involving Priniciple of Induction, The Completeness Property,
The Archimedean Property/ Density Theorem, Problems involving Absolute
Value (See Exam 1 Topics)
(b) 2-3 problems involving sequences (See Exam 2 Topics 1-7)
(c) 1 problem involving Series (See Exam 2 Topics 8)
(d) 2 problems involving Limit of Functions, Continuous Functions, Uniform/Lipschitz
Continuous Functions (See Exam 3 Topics)
(e) 2 problems involving Derivatives and the Mean Value Theorem (See HW 11)
(f) 2 problems involving Integration (Sections 5.1-5.3, See handout on webpage)
3. The grading for the assignment is broken down as follows:
(a) 15 points for constructing a mock final exam.
(b) 25 points for an accompanying answer key.
(c) 10 points for presentation.
tions/problems, etc.)
(Organization of exam, completeness of ques-
4. For those students whose mock exam most closely resembles the actual final, and
whose problems are worked out correctly and completely, will earn 10 extra points
and will have their final featured (anonymously) on the website as practice for the
5. Please note that your homework average cannot exceed 100%.
6. When turning in the assignment, please submit a copy of the exam, a copy of your
answer key, and a cover page with your name. Your name should not appear on the
exam or key.