2015-16 EERF

2015-16 EERF
Contact Information:
Please complete and return form to: Financial Aid Office
210 Bowman Hall
802 S Broadway Street
Menomonie, WI 54751
Phone: 715-232-1363
E-mail: finaid1@uwstout.edu
In some situations your financial aid can be adjusted if you can prove you have unusual educational costs for the
current semester. (Consumer/credit card debt and purchase of a car are not recognized by the federal government as
educational costs.)
If you wish to report additional costs, please complete this form and attach documentation to prove your costs. Any
increased eligibility for financial aid will be limited to student loan. The amount of increased loan will depend on
review of this form, borrowing limits and program funding.
You will receive the results of this review in about two weeks if your financial aid application for this year is already
complete. If this form is submitted the first week of any new term, the form will not be reviewed until after the 10th day
of classes.
STUDENT’S NAME: ____________________________________________________________________________
STOUT ID NUMBER:____________________________________________________________________________
CURRENT ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________________________
PHONE NUMBER: ______________________________________________________________________________
E-MAIL ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________________________
* Check all that apply & submit documentation. (If none of these apply to you, please contact the Financial Aid Office.)
Unusual costs associated with courses I am taking this term. Submit itemized statement of those costs and the
name of the course (s).
Commuting costs. Submit statement of addresses and mileage one way. (Example: Google Maps)
Childcare costs. Submit a statement/bill from day care provider.
Other educational costs. (Example: computer for graduate students)
If I can get an additional loan, I am interested in the following amount:
I will / will not (circle one) accept Unsubsidized Stafford Loan.
______________________________________________________ ________________________________________
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