Dear All: important points to consider for the presentation.

Dear All:
I enclose the evaluation form to be used in the Monday morning. The form lists the
important points to consider for the presentation.
You will be evaluating the presenters for 170 marks (total weight 5).
Handling questions is one of the most important parts of the seminar. Therefore, when
you score for "handling questions" consider performance of the group members also.
There will be 15 minutes for each presentation and 7 minutes for discussion. There will
be credits for asking questions and also for answering questions. At least each person has
to ask one question. In answering questions group members should participate. This
means members will take turns. Group representative can select the member for
answering a particular question.
The following is the tentative schedule:
1. Apomixis and the Management of Genetic Diversity: 10:05-10:27 AM
a. Matt Sorge (presenter and the only member)
2. Breeding of apomictic species: 10:30-10:52 AM
a. Mauricio Erazo-Barradas (presenter)
b. D. Pablo Donadio (presenter)
c. Donghong Pei (member)
3. Genetic analysis of Apomixis: 10:55-11:17 AM
a. Jim Rouse (presenter)
b. Audrey Darrigues (member)
c. Jessie Daub (member)
d. Kristen McCord (member)
e. Chris Rasmussen (member)
4. Biology of Apomixes: Molecular and Genetic Approaches: 11:20-11:42 AM
a. Gogula Murli Krishnareddy (presenter)
b. Crus Von Mark V. (member)
c. Lopez Pedro Antonio (member)
d. Kissel Steven Patrick (member)
e. Stuart Gardner (member)
Could you please e-mail me if the names of presenters are incorrect?
Thank you,
Evaluation form.doc
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