Extra Credit 7 (10 pts): x

Extra Credit 7 (10 pts):
and you have earned e extra credit points where
If your original grade is o(x) =
e > 0, then your final grade in this class is given by
f (x) =
100 + e
1. Compute the function that is the difference between your final grade and your
original grade. That is, compute d(x) = f (x) − o(x). Simplify your answer.
2. Find d0 (x). Recall that e is just a number.
3. As x increases does d(x) increase or decrease?
4. So if Alice has a better original grade than Bob and they both got the same amount
of extra credit points, does their grade go up the same amount after considering extra
credit, or does one person’s grade go up more than the other’s? Explain.