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Affidavit of Support
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Affidavit of support for ____________________________________
Print Student’s Name
This document must contain all of the appropriate signatures before a student is
considered for admission to the Metropolitan Community College. If separate
statements from the bank or sponsor are submitted, each must have a signed affidavit
of support attached. Statements must be dated within 6 months of your intended date of
enrollment and any monetary amounts must be stated in U.S. dollars.
Statement from Sponsor
I, ___________________________________, do swear that I will financially sponsor
Name of Sponsor
the education and living expenses of ___________________________. I am aware
Name of Applicant
that the minimum of $18,600 USD is the estimated cost for tuition, academic fees,
health insurance, and living expenses for 1 academic year at Metropolitan Community
Estimated Tuition and Fees: $7,800 USD
Estimated Health Insurance: $1,500 USD
Estimated Living Expenses: $9,300 USD
Total Expenses: $18,600
I understand that the college will not be able to assist the student financially.
I, the undersigned, realize that I am fully responsible, and will be held accountable by
the college, for maintaining the terms of this statement.
Sponsor’s Signature
Sponsor’s Address