Two-Week Summary of Topics and Examples

Two-Week Summary of Topics and Examples
1. Components of a probability experiment: Sample spaces (discrete vs. continuous),
events, elementary outcomes
i. From class: Two network routers (discrete); time to access a webpage
ii. From Homework: HW1 #3
iii. Hofmann: 1.9 #2
2. Events in Set Notation and Venn Diagrams
i. From class: Network routers and accessing the webpage
ii. From Homework: HW1, #4, HW2 #2,#3
iii. Hofmann 1.9 #3, #7
iv. Extra Exercises for HW 3: Morning Activities
3. Kolmogorov’s Axioms and Consequences
i. From class: Dial-up connection to AOL
ii. From Homework: HW 2 #1, #5 (a)
iii. Hofmann 1.9 #7
iv. Baron Examples: 2.10, 2.11, 2.13, 2.14, 2.28
4. Probability Models for Equally Likely Outcomes
i. From class: octal numbers, toss a coin – how many sequences are
possible?, pizza toppings, lottery, coin toss – how many ways to get x
ii. From HW: HW2 #4, practice counting
iii. Extra exercises for HW 3: 2x2 tables, exact change, randomized
iv. Hand-outs: Multinomial and acceptance sampling
v. Hofmann: 1.9 #4, #6
vi. Baron Examples: 2.19, 2.24, 2.25-2.27
5. Conditional Probability
i. From class: Box with defective and good chips, three colored cards
ii. From homework: HW1 #4 (e), (f); HW 2 Best by
iii. Hofmann: 1.9 #7
iv. Baron Examples: 2.28, 2.29-2.30
6. Independence
i. From class: AOL network (version 2), parallel systems and series systems
with independent components
ii. From homework: HW2 #3, HW3 #1, #5
iii. Hofmann: 1.9 # 11
iv. Baron Examples: 2.17
7. Law of Total Probability and Bayes’ Rule:
i. From class: gold coins and pennies, medical test
ii. HW 3: #2, #3
iii. Extra exercises for HW 3: Measurement Error in the NRI
iv. Hofmann: Forensics example in text, 1.9 #8, #12, #13, #14, #17
v. Baron Examples: 2.31-2.32
8. Bernoulli Experiments and R.V.’s
i. From class: Darts
ii. From Homework: HW 3 #5