Special Issue on Recent Trends in Symmetry Groups and Conservation

Advances in Mathematical Physics
Special Issue on
Recent Trends in Symmetry Groups and Conservation
Laws for Differential Equations
Call for Papers
Nowadays, several branches of the theoretical and applied
sciences such as mathematics, physics, biology, economy,
and finance rely on processes which are usually modeled
by nonlinear differential equations. Often, it is difficult to
obtain reductions and exact solutions for these models. Our
aim is to highlight applications of symmetry methods to
nonlinear models in physics, engineering, and the applied
sciences as well as to present recent theoretical developments
in symmetry groups.
We invite researchers to submit their original research and
review articles. This special issue is devoted to Recent Trends
in Symmetry Groups and Conservation Laws for Differential
Equations. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:
• Novel applications in the sciences, including engineer-
ing, physical, biological, and finance
• Recent theoretical advances: new theoretical results
on exact and approximate algebraic approaches to
differential equations, including symmetries, solutions, conservation laws, invariants, linearization, and
classification schemes
• Lucid reviews and review articles dealing with modern
and classical topics
Lead Guest Editor
Maria Gandarias, Department of Mathematics, University
of Cadiz, Avenida Saharaui, 11500 Puerto Real, Cadiz,
Spain; marialuz.gandarias@uca.es
Guest Editors
Mariano Torrisi, Department of Mathematics and
Computer Science, University of Catania, viale A. Doria, 6,
95125 Catania, Italy; torrisi@dmi.unict.it
Pilar G. Estevez, Departamento de Física Fundamental,
Área de Física Teórica, Universidad de Salamanca, 37008
Salamanca , Spain; pilar@usal.es
Fazal Mahomed, School of Computational and Applied
Mathematics, Centre for Differential Equations, University
of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg 2050, South Africa;
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Manuscript Due
Friday, 30 March 2012
First Round of Reviews
Friday, 22 June 2012
Publication Date
Friday, 17 August 2012
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