Fresh Produce Safety Tip Sheet

Fresh Produce Safety
Tip Sheet
DO Exercise everyday to stay in shape
DON’T Walk through fields as a shortcut on your
way to school or a friends house.
DO work and play with pets and project animals
DON’T walk animals along canal banks or near
fields to avoid your animal going to the bathroom
near a water source. Animals are forbidden within
30 feet of a farm field.
DO get involved in your neighborhood and within
your community.
DON’T go into agriculture fields unless invited. A
field is an active area where food is being grown, it
isn’t a playground.
DO be a good citizen and keep our city clean
DON’T ever throw trash or other objects on the
ground. When field workers are in the fields, they
are required to wear gloves, hair nets and take other
sanitary precautions.
Remember that farmers are feeding the entire world
and a field is their office—let’s help them by keeping
ourselves and our pets out of their fields!