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Project 1: Mousetrap Cars
As indicated by instructor
On paper in class
A mousetrap is a good example of how energy can be transmitted to perform some kind of
work. In this activity you will design a mousetrap-powered vehicle that will compete in three
Design and build a vehicle.
Design and build a system to power your vehicle using the energy from a
standard mousetrap.
Your equipment will be one mousetrap (provided in class) & other materials found elsewhere.
You may not use any other UCCS material for this lab, to include items in the classroom. You
are allowed to use the duct tape available in class. You may buy additional material up to $5
for this lab. Construction time will be made available in class.
Performance Categories – In order of running
Speed: The fastest car over a 6’ measured course.
Strength: The car that can pull the most weight. A sled will be attached to the
back of the car and loaded with successive amounts of weights until no car can
pull it.
Accuracy: You must design your car to travel 12’, no more – no less.
You are allowed to have 2 sets of wheels if you desire. You may change wheels
one time during the competition.
Guidelines for Construction
The mousetrap spring mechanism cannot be altered or modified. However, the
base of the mousetrap may be drilled, cut, glued, nailed, or screwed.
Only the mousetrap may be used to power the vehicle.
You may not use rubber bands or anything elastic to attach from the mousetrap
to the axles of your vehicle.
Either axle, or both, may be used as the drive axle(s).
The entire vehicle must start behind the designated START line. All cars will start
from the same point, however, they do not have to start in the same orientation
they may start angled with respect to the START line.
Preliminary Sketches
o Prior to construction, you must sketch your design in each team member’s
notebook. This must be checked off by your instructor or lab assistant before you
can begin construction. The sketch must be neat and readable.
Final Model
o Take a digital picture using the camera provided. Import the picture into
PowerPoint and label the key components such that someone not familiar with
the project can understand your design. Print the PowerPoint to include in your
Final Report
o You will write and print a one – two page report describing and defending your
design. Include the following:
o Description of main design feature – at least one paragraph
o Summary of car performance, including numerical results – at least one
o Discussion of any changes or recommendations for improvements on your
vehicle – at least one paragraph
o Team member names and section number must appear in upper right hand
o Include a title. Use double spacing, one inch margins, and 12 point font.
Project will be evaluated on the following criteria:
 Performance (10%)
o Vehicles will be rated on how closely they fulfill each of the three criteria
 Quality of construction (20%)
 Deliverables and Teamwork (70%)