When Student Behavior Concerns You

When Student Behavior Concerns You
The UW-Stout Behavior Intervention Team wishes to provide members of the Stout community with
information and advice regarding how to handle students whose behaviors create concern for the health or
safety of individuals and/or the campus community.
The mission of the Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) is to promote a safe and healthy learning
environment at UW-Stout by detecting, assessing and providing early intervention to students whose
behavior raises concern for serious health and safety risks to themselves or other members of the campus
Identifying behavior that poses a health or safety risk to the student or the campus
The best practice approach currently available to minimize missing the warning signs or miscalculating the
severity of the “red flags” for a student in distress is a "threat assessment," based on analysis of observable
behavior compiled from multiple sources (visual, spoken and written cues).
Some examples of behaviors that might signify risk include: ● hostile, aggressive, or otherwise disruptive behavior
● overt references to suicide ● evidence of self-harming behavior (e.g., cutting) ● threats or references to harming others
● disorganized thoughts (verbally or in writing) ● loss of contact with reality (beliefs or actions at odds with reality)
● comments idolizing school shooters ● attending class under the influence ● excessive absences from classes
If you are unsure as to whether the student's behavior could potentially pose a threat, please contact the
Behavior Intervention Team.
Responding to concerns about a student
When you talk to students you are concerned about, please do not give assurances of confidentiality. A student
who appears to pose a threat to self or others needs to be referred for assessment and assistance.
Contact the Behavior Intervention Team by contacting the Dean of Students Office at (715) 232-1181.
The professionals in this group will work collaboratively to evaluate the overall risk and develop a coordinated
When concerned about immediate threats to the safety of individuals or groups of people, call University
Police first by dialing 911.
Students of Concern Team Members
Sandi Scott Duex – Interim Dean of Students
Chief Lisa Walter - University Police
John Achter – Interim Associate Dean of Students (Chair)
Janice Lawrence-Ramaeker - Student Health Services
Jeanne Rothaupt – University Counseling Center
Ann Hoffman - University Housing
Kara James – Disability Services
Nate Kirkman - Assistant Dean of Students
Justine Larsen –University Counseling Center
Sexual Assault Reporting
According to Wisconsin State Statues 36.11(22) any person employed at an institution who witnesses a sexual assault on
campus or receives a report from a student enrolled in the institution that the student has been sexually assaulted shall
report to the dean of students of the institution. The dean of students shall compile reports for the purpose of
disseminating statistical information.
DOS/SOC/Updated 2-19-16