ECE 3420 - Microprocessor System Laboratory I Fall Semester, 2014




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ECE 3420 - Microprocessor System Laboratory I

Fall Semester, 2014

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Colorado

Sumeet Maini [email protected]

Wednesday (Section 1), 3:05 PM - 4:45 PM

Wednesday (Section 2), 4:50 PM - 6:30 PM

By appointment only. E-mail questions to me.

ENGR 229

ECE 3430 – Introduction to Microcomputer Systems

No official text for lab. Text used in ECE 3430 lecture should be referenced as needed.

The course will consist of 8 laboratory assignments. Each lab will be worth 20 points for a total of 160 points for the semester.

Each lab will be graded as follows:

Project demonstration (and proof of understanding of material). Lab Questions.

Program structure

15 points

5 points

Point Categories and Total Points Available:

Lab Exercises x 8


160 points

160 points

Overall Grade Breakdown:






90% - 100%

80% - 89%

70% - 79%

60% - 69%

0% - 59%







All labs must be completed satisfactorily in order to pass this lab! Failing to complete a single lab will result in automatic failure of this lab!

Labs must be completed & demonstrated by the end of the period following the assignment date.

Demonstration is a must! I will not consider giving any credit for a lab until I see a demo.

Labs may be completed up to one week following the normal due date--at the cost of a

10-point deduction!

No points will be given for labs over 2 weeks late!

Lab Content:

Lab #1

Lab #2

Lab #3

Lab #4

Lab #5

Lab #6

Lab #7

Lab #8

Bread Boarding and Lab Introduction

Out-Of-Lab Assignment (

Lab #3 Preparation


LED Manipulation Exercise

Addressing and Arithmetic

Branch/Jump Instructions and Conditional Execution

Subroutines and Drivers

Interrupt Handling

Timers (and the Timer Overflow Interrupt)


Each student is required to purchase a lab kit for $60.

(NOTE: Only cash is accepted for lab kit purchasing! Lab kit purchasing will take place the week before the first lab.)

Included in this kit is a breadboard. During the first lab period, the breadboard will be wired in a specific configuration. This configuration will remain unchanged for the remainder of the semester.

Clean Lab Policy:

The university requires that EN 229 remain in pristine condition. This means that you must leave your workstation free of wires and trash! Equipment should be neatly re-positioned before you leave.

I reserve the right to deduct points from your lab total if I discover messy workstations after you leave! Don't make me do this please!

Getting Help:

You can always e-mail questions to the ECE 3430 lecture instructor or myself (see above email). EN 229 should be open during normal daytime working hours. However, this room is

used by many courses and students attending their scheduled lab session have priority over walkins. If there is room in the lab during either of the above lab sections, you may walk in to get help.

I think you'll discover I am a pretty easy going guy. If you are applying effort to your work, I'm willing to work with you. Be sure and let me know if you are having problems throughout the semester. Just remember, my job is to help you to learn something! That is why we are here...right?