Instruments Division News 02/18/2010

Instruments Division News
Farewell to Michael Wong, who will head back to Berkeley at the end of next week.
Thank you, Mike, for your help and expertise over the past year.
HST news:
o Cycle 18 proposals are due next Friday, February 26.
JWST News:
o A crucial milestone for JWST---tests of the first cryo-polished primary
mirror segment at the Marshall Space Flight Center X-ray Cryogenic
Facility prove that the plan of doing just 1 cryo-polishing cycle will prove
acceptable. The residual wave front errors are low enough to give good
performance down to 1 micron and shorter.
Planning continues for this summer’s calibration workshop, July 21-23, here at
STScI. A preliminary announcement and web site will go up shortly.