New Liebert iCOM -S Thermal System Control

New Liebert® iCOMTM-S Thermal System Control
Can Reduce Energy Costs by Up to 50%
Liebert iCOM-S thermal system control
can significantly improve mechanical
In a data center with a 500W IT load, the
Liebert iCOM-S control, operating with
variable speed technologies, enables:
Reduce energy consumption from
380 kW to 190 kW
Lower PUE from 1.76 to 1.37
Save $171,690 annually in energy
expenses (@$0.1/kWH)
Liebert iCOM-S features:
Built-in multi-unit teamwork mode with no customization needed
Machine-to-machine communications that adjusts air flow and
termperature with load changes
Automatic deactivation of un-needed units
during low load conditions
Integration of to up to 4,800 wireless rack sensors for thermal
monitoring and management
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