Degree Works degree programs

Students who have declared any of the following degree programs have been invited to be
the first to test Degree Works, a new online tool that will help you track your progress
towards completing your degree at HCC.
*If your academic major is not listed below, you will not be able to obtain an audit of
your degree at this time. If your major or catalog is not listed below and you would
like a degree audit, contact Advising, Career and Transfer Services. Additional majors
will be added soon. All majors except where noted are available for catalog years 2013-14
and beyond.
Art & Design - Digital Arts
Information Assurance & Cyber Security
Art & Design - Graphic Design
Mass Communication - Advertising &
Sales Promotion
Biology (2010 - present)
Business Administration (2010 present)
Medical Assisting (2010 - present)
Chemistry - Calculus Based Physics
Chemistry – Non-Calculus Based
Computer Information Systems
Psychology (2010 - present)
Criminal Justice
Sociology - General Track (2010 present)
Sociology-Anthropology Track
Sociology-Social Work Track
Environmental Science
Teacher Education-Early Child
General Studies (2010 - present)
Teacher Education-Elem/Spec Ed
Teacher Secondary Education
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