Memories of the Clark College Class of 2011 Lindsey Kerrigan

Memories of the Clark College Class of 2011
Lindsey Kerrigan
I love the campus at Clark. It’s beautiful. It’s a welcoming environment. There are amazing
resources available to students, and I’m proud to be a student at Clark College.
Travone Roberson
When I first got here, I was welcomed with open arms. The diversity here is just tremendously
beautiful - the cultures, the fashion. Not being so afraid and shy to greet each other, that was just
was so genuine to me, and I can use that in the future.
Sherry Underwood
When I first started back at school…the displaced homemakers class, Becky Merritt was a lot of
help and a lot of fun. And my first welding class, we went on a field trip and it was a lot of fun.
Phil Kenyon
I like all the people and the variety of people. It’s not a bunch of people coming out of high school.
It’s people from all walks of life and as a community college, people are there for completely
different reasons. Some people are there because they’re getting a transfer degree. Some people are
there to finish a certificate. And some people are just looking for some personal enrichment. And I
like that there’s that variety.
Kelly Clark
I never had the confidence that I was going to be able to do well. So one of my first quarters I got a
4.0 for that particular quarter and it was like – oh, my goodness – like an “aha” moment for me. I
can do it. I can finish. I can start this new journey and not be scared of it.
Jake Koch
I really like the small setting, the classroom sizes. The teachers, our instructors, were really good
about addressing everybody in the class.
John Milonas
The atmosphere, people I’ve met, instructors, they’re all great.
Martha Tesema
I love the fact that at Clark College there’s different ways to get involved with the community. I was
involved with The Independent - the student newspaper at Clark - and through that I got some
hands-on experience for what I actually want to do in life. And also it just was a way to stay
connected with all the people and students and faculty at Clark College and knowing what’s going
Larry Hamilton
The teachers really…they have a lot of time for you. Especially since I’m going to the University of
Washington, it’s a big school and they’re probably not going to have the same time…to go talk to
my teacher for an hour to understand something. It was really helpful in learning what I needed to
Bailey Talkington
Last year after dance class, bunches of people who were in that class went outside to sit under the
cherry blossoms and there were some people kicking around a soccer ball, and some of us were
sitting under the trees, just chatting and it was a perfect day. It was great, because everyone there is
such good friends.
Kayla Wells
I have come to know so many people and meet so many great people at Clark. And now I see so
many familiar faces and I’ve made so many friends and those are the things I treasure the most and I
will take with me wherever I go.
Travone Roberson
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Congratulations to the class of 2011!