F# C# E B

F# 244xxx
C# 466xxx
E x799xx
B 799xxx
D x577xx
(little feedback squeal here)
Intro: [F# C# E B]
Verse 1: Just follow the rhythm of the CD. Just use heavy palm muting on the bass notes until two times
the progression, and then play the full powerchords. Wheeee!
[F# C# E B]
No need to whine, boy, like a wind-up toy you stutter at my feet and it's never the time, boy you've had
much wine to stumble up my street well it isn't a problem, nothing we can't keep between the sheets tell me
mine, love, and i will not wait for other bedtime
[F# C# E B]
Is there something you lack when i'm flat on my back Is there something that I can do for you? It's always
you ate or it's something you hate tell me is it the way that i touch you?
have you found a new mate and is she really great is it just that i'm much too much for you?
[D B F#]
Whooaaaa whoa-ah-ohhhhh-whoaaaaaaaa!
do F# C# E B 5x before singing
Verse 2: Same instructions as verse 1.
[F# C# E B]
Don't feed me a line, boy, i can hear that voice you use upon the phone and there's no need to be coy,
is something you can do upon your own Well it isn't a problem, nothing we can't solve so just relax am I on the wrong train, love, an
d will i have to tie you to the
Chorus repeats, same words, same chords.
[D B F#] x 3
Whoaaaaaaaaaa, whoa-ah-oh, whoaaaaaa I really want you to...
Then end with some rude pick noise and there you have it. Fun song. If you find that I'm totally wrong
I doubt it with a song this easy), please feel free to add corrections to this file. If you use this
or like it, let me know! I might be persuaded to do some more Elastica songs.