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No. 09
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P r e s i d e n t ’s P r o l o g u e
“Life is more than a burst of speed. It is a
distance run, and it demands endurance,
determination, and a kick at the finish.” So
writes Gordon MacDonald in A Resilient Life.
Using the analogy of a race, MacDonald writes
28 short chapters with characteristics of what
it takes to “go the distance” in the race of the
Christian life. I found myself encouraged,
reminded, and challenged as I recently read this
book, published in 2004.
The importance of discipline is a theme
throughout the book.We live at a time when we
hear much more about freedom and rights than
we do about discipline. Coaches still seem to
get away with rules that, at times, seem
arbitrary and harsh, but mostly we want to be
able to do what we want to do — to be free.
Almost always, however, great accomplishments
follow strict discipline.Writers write when they
would rather do something else; athletes
practice when no one is watching; scientists are
in the lab untold hours before the substance of
the next paper emerges; and fund-raisers make
many calls before a gift is secured.
I appreciated MacDonald’s reminder from Elton
Trueblood’s Company of the Committed that the
“acceptance of discipline is the price of
freedom.” Freedom is almost always the result
of discipline.
One of the disciplines MacDonald suggests is
that resilient people keep growing their minds.
The whole point of a university is to help
people grow their minds. I particularly like
MacDonald’s suggestions that “the disciplined
mind is a master of questions,” and that “the
disciplined mind follows the arts.” I resonate
with both suggestions. I believe our efforts at
George Fox in integrating faith and learning
depend on helping students ask the right
questions so they can discover relationships
and learn that followers of Jesus can live lives
that are in complete harmony with the
discipline they are studying.
MacDonald has a chapter called “Resilient
People Trim Their Egos.” It is a short chapter
with several statements I found helpful. He
quotes Archbishop William Temple: “Humility
does not mean thinking less of yourself than of
other people, nor does it mean having a low
opinion of your own gifts. It means freedom
from thinking about yourself at all.” This is, for
me, a new way of putting it, and I will think
about this some more.
I wish all of you a summer that includes some
“R and R” with family and friends — and maybe
even a good book or two. Make sure there is
time for renewal.
Deadline for Copy: May 31
Record Numbers
George Fox is poised to shatter enrollment
records this fall. According to Dale
Seipp, executive director of admissions,
409 freshmen have active tuition deposits
— a 33 percent increase over last year at
this date. In addition, 54 transfers — an
increase of 38 percent over last fall —
have indicated plans to enroll. Admissions
is projecting a freshman class in excess of
650 — a marked increase over last year’s
record of 527.
ACSD Invasion
Student Life will host the annual
Association for Christians in Student
Development (ACSD) conference June 69. More than 600 student affairs
professionals from across the country are
expected.This is the first time George Fox
is hosting the event, and this marks the
conference’s 25th anniversary. Keynote
speakers are Brenda Salter-McNeil of
Overflow Ministries; Jennifer Lindholm of
the Higher Education Research Institute at
UCLA; futurist and George Fox
Evangelical Seminary visiting professor
Leonard Sweet; and Dan Allender,
president of Mars Hill Graduate School.
For a schedule and more information, go
About 90 of next year’s freshmen will be
on campus Friday, May 20, for Genesis,
the university’s summer orientation and
registration program. Other Genesis dates
will be June 17-18, July 14 (transfer
students), and July 15.
Renovation Update
Renovation of the Hoover Academic
Building is scheduled to begin in June.The
$4 million project calls for the
construction of a two-story addition on
the west and south sides of the building,
renovation of the roof and interior, and
remodeling work that will open up more
space for classrooms, offices, an elevator,
and handicapped-accessible bathrooms.
Interior work this summer will include
the installation of a sprinkler system.
Crews will tackle exterior work on the
building during the upcoming academic
year, and the remainder of remodeling
work will be completed next summer. It is
one project in the university’s “Defining
Chapter” effort to raise $5.4 million by
the fall of 2006.
Construction of a 120-bed residence hall
will begin later this summer.The building
will be located adjacent to the University
Residence Hall, using some of that
building’s parking lot space.To
compensate for the loss of that space, the
parking lot will be expanded to Villa
Road.The $7.4 project is being funded by
a bond and is scheduled for completion in
late August 2006.
22,000 Visitors
More than 22,000 guests will visit the
Newberg campus this summer for
conferences, retreats, sports camps,
banquets, graduations, and other events.
Some of the largest events are the
Women’s Aglow Conference (May 13-15);
the Northwest Conservative Baptist
Association Junior High Retreat, also
known as R.I.O.T. (May 20-21); the
Association for Christians in Student
Development conference (June 6-9); the
Suzuki Music Camp (June 26 to July 2);
Northwest Basketball Camps (July 3-7,
July 10-14, July 15-17, and July 17-21); a
YouthQuake conference (July 16-20); the
Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends
(Quaker) Churches gathering (July 22-29);
and a Strings Camp (July 31 to Aug. 5).
Overflowing Bowls
Money continues to come in following the
April 1 Empty Bowls Project fund-raiser
for tsunami victims. Another $2,000 has
been raised through subsequent bowl sales
and donations, bringing the total given to
nonprofit organization Village Outreach
International to $11,000.
We All Scream for …
All employees and student workers are
welcome to an ice cream social at 3 p.m.
Friday, May 13, in the Cap and Gown
Room.The Staff Development Committee
is sponsoring the event.
E-mail Upgrade
The campus employee e-mail system is
getting an upgrade.This Friday, the current
server, Microsoft Exchange Server 2000,
will be upgraded to Microsoft Exchange
Server 2003.The switch will improve the
system’s Web Outlook function, enhance
performance by removing students from
the faculty/staff server, and offer more
flexibility for growth in the future.This is
the first step in the removal of students
from the faculty/staff server — a task
scheduled for completion in June.
Employees’ e-mail addresses won’t change,
and they still will have access to student
addresses in the directory.To find out
more, visit
Colleague • Newberg | Portland | Boise | Salem • May 9, 2005
Compensation Plan
Administrators and support staff employees
should receive contracts and a copy of the new
job classification and compensation policy in
the mail the week of May 16.The information
will include a list of pay ranges and jobs
assigned to each. Employees who are off for
the summer will receive these at home.
A supervisor’s meeting is scheduled for 10:30
a.m.Tuesday, May 10, in EHS 102 to provide
more information about the compensation
system and job classification changes.
Selah: ‘Come Away’
Selah, an annual one-day seminar for women,
is set for Saturday, Sept. 24, in Bauman
Auditorium.The theme is “Come Away …
Bring your heart, mind, soul, and body.”
Speakers will share insight on how to “pack for
the journey of life — mentally, physically,
emotionally, and spiritually.” Guest speakers
will include Barbara Feil, Alice Gray, Nisha
Jackson, and Pam Vredevelt. Radio host and
singer Georgene Rice will emcee the event,
and Deborah Greenidge will lead worship.
Cost is $25 for the seminar and lunch.
Registration is available at the Office of
University Relations, and more information is
at Online registration
will be available in July.
Finishing Strong
The Newberg campus is hosting HalftimeFinishers Conference ’05 from 9 a.m. to 5
p.m. Saturday, May 14, in Wood-Mar
Auditorium.The event is for business,
community, and ministry leaders who wish to
be intentional about service and ministry in
the later years of their lives.The event is
expected to draw between 150 and 200
guests. Cost is $69 for the conference, snacks,
and lunch.To register or find out more, go to, or contact Sheri
Philips (University Relations) at ext. 2114.
Fitness Center Hours
Newberg campus Fitness Center summer
hours will be Monday through Friday, 6–8
a.m., 11 a.m.–2 p.m., and 4–7 p.m. It will
not be open on weekends.
Memorial Day
George Fox University offices will close
Monday, May 30, to observe Memorial Day.
Reid Kisling will join
George Fox in June as the
university’s registrar. For the
past year, Reid served as
director of enrollment
management and as interim
director of external studies at
Dallas Theological Seminary. He also has been
the seminary’s administrative faculty registrar
since 2001. Before that, Reid was Dallas
Theological Seminary’s acting registrar in
2000-01 and the school’s assistant registrar
from 1998 to 2000. He is currently earning a
doctorate in organizational leadership from
Regent University. He earned a master of
theology degree from Dallas Theological
Seminary in 1997, did graduate study work at
Multnomah Biblical Seminary in 1993-94, and
earned a bachelor’s degree in civil
engineering technology from Oregon
Institute of Technology in 1992. Reid is
married to Carrie, a 1993 George Fox
graduate, and the couple has four children.
Paul Anderson (Seminary) attended the
National Council of Churches Faith and
Order meetings at the Martin Luther King Jr.
International Chapel at Morehouse College in
Atlanta March 17-19. He also delivered the
plenary Bible study addresses at the National
Workshop on Christian Unity in New Orleans
April 5-8. His lectures on I Corinthians 3
were entitled “Christian Leadership
David Hansen (Computer and Information
Science) received a $10,000 grant from the
Northwest Academic Computing Consortium
to help fund a course project on artificial
intelligence.The project is based on the board
game Clue and calls for students to create
intelligent agents capable of playing the game.
The grant will enable George Fox to develop
software that interacts with students’ agent
programs and allow them to automate the
process of playing against one another.The
fund also will help package the project so
other small departments can easily adopt it
for their AI course(s).
Marilee Jolin and Tim Hoffman
(Admissions) completed their first halfmarathon (13.1 miles) on May 1 in Vancouver,
B.C. Both trained for the event for 17 weeks.
Marilee finished the race in 2 hours, 15
minutes, 57 seconds, while Tim completed
the run in 1:33.29.
A song written by William Jolliff
(Writing/Literature) was included on folk
singer Tracy Grammer’s just-released album
Flower of Avalon. Jolliff’s song, “Laughlin Boy,”
is a rewritten traditional piece about a Civil
War conscientious objector. Jolliff has written
close to 40 songs and produced seven
recordings. Lyrics to the song are available at
Former George Fox employee Leonard
Weinert died April 6 in Newberg at the age
of 84. Leonard worked in the physical plant,
and he and his wife, Betty, managed the
campus bookstore.The couple also managed
the bookstore at the seminary. Leonard
worked at George Fox from 1979 through the
Condolences go to Darren Noble (Career
Services), whose father, John Noble, died at
the age of 67 on April 23 in Hauser, Ore.
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Friday, May 13
• All-Employee Ice Cream Social,
Cap and Gown Room, 2:30 p.m.
Wes Balda (Management) recently was
named to the nominating committee of the
Executive MBA Council.The council is a
national organization designed to strengthen
the bonds among executive and professional
MBA programs throughout the world. It also
contributes to the advancement of executive
Saturday, May 14
• Halftime-Finishers Conference
Wood-Mar Auditorium, 9 a.m.
Monday, May 30
• Memorial Day Holiday
Arthur Climenhaga, dean of George Fox
Evangelical Seminary (then Western
Evangelical Seminary) in the 1970s, died April
25 while on a camping trip in West Virginia.
Arthur was dean when the seminary received
accreditation from the Association of
Theological Schools in 1974. Prior to his
arrival, he was executive director of the
National Association of Evangelicals and
served as president of Messiah College. His
funeral service took place in Grantham, Pa.,
on April 29. He was 89.
Friday, May 20
• Genesis (freshmen orientation)
• Psy.D. Alumni Reception and Dinner,
Cap and Gown Room, 4:30 p.m.
Monday-Thursday, June 6-9
• ACSD Conference
Colleague • Newberg | Portland | Boise | Salem • May 9, 2005