Kortright Hills Public School Newsletter for June,2013 From the Principal’s Desk

Kortright Hills Public School
23 Ptarmigan DriveGuelph, OntarioN1C 1B5(519)827-1601Fax (519)827-9251
Kirk Runciman, Principal
Julie Young, Vice Principal
Anne Bonnar, Office Co-Ordinator
Rosemary Coghlin, Administrative Assistant
Newsletter for June,2013
From the Principal’s Desk
It’s hard to believe that we have come to the final
weeks of classes for the 2012-2013 school
year. Reflecting back over the school year’s
calendars, newsletters and photos, it has
been a very busy, exciting and rewarding
I would like to extend my appreciation to all of our
volunteers, lunch hour supervisors, School Council
and our dedicated staff for the support,
encouragement, cooperation and assistance given to
benefit all our students. I would also like to thank
our students for their hard work, cooperation, and
respectful behaviour all year long.
Kirk Runciman
June Report Cards
Your child’s report card will be sent
home on Tuesday, June 25th. Watch
for the report and review it with
your child. Please respond to your child’s
performance on page three of the report and
return it to the school by Thursday, June 27th, the
last school day for this year.
School Yard Re-greening
The fence around the perimeter of our soccer field
has been removed and the students have started to
enjoy our new yard. By all accounts the field is in
great shape and students are eagerly
anticipating years of enjoyment on
the lush green space. A special thank
you to our students for the patience
they exhibited while the yard was
being re-sodded and taking root!
Reading over the Summer
As a parent, you are your child’s first – and
most important – teacher. Here are eight
ways you can help your child become a
better reader:
1. Read yourself. Your actions really
do speak louder than your words. When your
kids see you reading the newspaper or curling
up with a book, they will want to follow your
2. Make sure your children read every day.
Reading, like shooting baskets and playing
the piano, is a skill. Like other skills, it gets
better with practice. Researchers have
found that children who spend at least 30
minutes a day reading for fun – whether they
read books, newspapers, or magazines –
develop the skills to be better readers at
3. Get in the library habit. Make sure everyone
in your family has a library card. Schedule
regular trips to the library. While you are
there, check out a book yourself!
4. Read aloud to your children. Research shows
that this is the most important thing parents
can do to help their children become better
readers. Here are some tips:
 Start reading to your children when
they are young. It is never too early
to begin reading to your children.
 Don’t stop reading to your children as
they grow older. You will both enjoy
the chance to do something together.
 Set aside some time each day for
reading aloud. Even 10 minutes a day
can have a big impact. Bed time is a
natural reading aloud time. Other
busy families read aloud at breakfast
or just after dinner.
 Read books you enjoy. Your kids will
know if you are faking it.
5. Here is a way to use your newspaper to
encourage reading: a scavenger hunt. Give
your child a list of
things to find in today’s
newspaper. Here are
some ideas:
 A map of Canada.
 A picture of your child’s favourite
 The temperature in the city where a
family member lives.
 Three words that begin with “w”.
 A movie that is playing at a nearby
6. Give books as gifts. Find a special place for
your children to keep their own library.
7. Make reading a privilege. Say,
“You can stay up 15 minutes later
tonight if you read in bed.” Or
you might say, “Because you helped
with the dishes, I have time to read you an
extra story.”
8. If you are not a good reader, you can still
encourage your children. As your children
learn to read, ask them to read to you. Talk
about the books your children have read.
Ask a friend or relative to read aloud to your
A Warm Welcome from the Library
Final Due Date for All Books - Friday, June 14th
Notices will be sent to each class every week
detailing books that are still outstanding. Please
assist your child to locate and return all books to the
library so that a full inventory
can be completed before the
end of the year. Students are
encouraged to check desks,
lockers, backpacks, classroom
bookshelves, and at home. If
books can not be located,
students are asked to come and see me so that we
can search the library as well. Invoices for missing
books will be distributed mid-June. If you have any
questions or concerns please feel free to drop by
the library or send me a note or an email.
As always, thank you for your continued support of
our library programs!
Sheila Morgan
Teacher Librarian
Library website:
School Stuff
Grade 8 Graduation
The Scholastic Book Fair was a huge
Thank you parents, students, and
staff of Kortright Hills! We
surpassed our goal, with over
$4000 in sales at the May Book Fair, earning $2600
in Scholastic credits for our library!
The graduation ceremony for Grade 8
students will be on Tuesday, June 25th at
6:00 pm in the Kortright Hills P.S.
gymnasium. Following the ceremony, there will be a
reception and dance for the graduates. Any
questions may be forwarded to Mme. Franco at
Your support of this vital literacy fundraiser is key
to our obtaining new
books and resources
for our library and
classrooms. The
proceeds of the book
fair will be used to
purchase a variety of non-fiction books to update
our Social Studies and Science curriculum areas, as
well as supplement our graphic novel and fiction
With the return of good weather,
more of our students are riding
their bikes to school. It is
important that you share safety issues with your
child of safe riding on the streets. If your child
rides his/her bike to school,
please remember that a helmet
and a lock are necessary.
Students are to walk their bikes
on school property.
Summer Clothing & School
Special Olympics
Hopefully we have seen the last
of snow for many months. As the
temperature rises, we ask you to
remember that students must
dress appropriately for school.
Please follow the guidelines listed below:
On Friday, May 23rd our special needs students
participated in the Special Olympics at St. James
Catholic High School. All participants trained for
weeks with their Peer Coaches, and at the
meet, they were fabulous representatives
of KHPS.
protect yourself from the harmful ultra violet
rays of the sun by wearing hats, long sleeve
tops and applying sun screen,
clothing must be free of symbols of hate,
gang membership or images that portray
violence, death, abuse, alcohol, cigarettes,
drugs, racial or obscene words, political or
sexual statements.
Short shorts, muscle shirts, spaghetti straps,
low scooped necklines and shirts exposing the
mid-rift should not be worn at school.
Keep clothing meant for the beach at home and
remember to have children wear comfortable,
conservative clothing to school.
Sunscreen and Hats
Just a reminder that all children should
be wearing sunscreen and
hats on high UV days.
Check the morning weather
reports if you’re not sure.
Summer Safety
Summer is a carefree time for children and with
school nearly out and warm
weather, we need to reinforce
the need for safety.
Construction is increased and
there are more heavy and farm vehicles on the
roads, which can pose a danger for our children. At
the school we are reminding our students about
keeping safety in mind when they’re playing outside
during their break from school and classes. Parents
can do their part too, by reinforcing the
usual road safety rules so our
children are aware when they’re
out and about, riding their bikes
and having fun with their friends.
Congratulations to Zach S., William S.,
Stephen T., Jennifer S., Mitchel W., Jamie
A. And Ben K. , Luca B and Joseph B.
A very special thank you goes to their peer coaches:
Josh, Sam, Oksana, Kaleigh, Tyler, Aidan &
Lost & Found
If your child is missing any clothing items, please
remind him/her to check the lost and
found box by the front entrance.
Parents are welcome to check the
box as well. Items will
be available during the
month of June, and anything
unclaimed will be donated to a
charitable organization.
Pick Up Medication
This is a reminder for any parents who have
medication for their children currently
stored at the school. Please drop
by the school before the end of
June to pick up your child’s
medication. We cannot leave it in
the school over the summer.
Medication can be brought back to
Kortright Hills if needed, in September.
Junior Kindergarten
We will continue to register children
for our September 2013 Kindergarten
classes. If you have a child who will
turn 4 years of age on or before
December 31, 2013, please call the
school, at 519-827-1601.
Summer Moves
If you will be moving out of our school area over the
summer, please let the school know. This will help in
determining our new classes in September.
Please send this information to Mrs.
Bonnar as soon as possible.
Similarly, if you have new
neighbours coming in, please direct them
to the school before the end of June,
to register for September.
Heat, Humidity & Smog
Every year at this time schools
receive calls from parents about
Board policy regarding student activities, school
closures and bus cancellations due to extreme heat,
high humidex readings and smog alerts. The Board
does not close schools or cancel busses due to these
weather conditions. We have asked the Health Unit
if there are any specific directions in this regard,
and there are none, other than good common sense.
Principals will continue to monitor weather conditions
and exercise caution with the amount of physical
activity students may be engaged in (recess, physical
education classes, sports, etc.) especially in the
afternoon hours. Schools may consider rescheduling
outdoor activities for, and keep a close watch on
students with respiratory problems, and any other
children in consultation with parents.
Here are a few tips on dealing with high
heat and humidity for everyone:
avoid excess activity during
periods of hot temperatures and high
monitor children with respiratory concerns
take frequent breaks when working or playing
drink plenty of fluids cool (not cold) water is
best, and drink slowly, also avoid caffeinated
avoid the direct sun (the skin can=t lose heat
effectively when burned) - remember your
sunscreen and hat
wear loose fitting clothing, wrap a wet scarf
around your forehead
eat Alight@ - fruits and vegetables; avoid
proteins which increase body heat
seek areas with cooler temperatures, shade
and air movement
consider rescheduling high activity events
and keep children inside and involved in quiet
watch for signs of dizziness and rest
immediately if present (this is a precursor to
heat exhaustion the first stage in heat
chew or suck on ice - this can help.
Dates to Remember
Milk & Food Programs
Just a reminder that the last week for our milk and
food programs will be June 17th – 21st.
School’s Out
The last day of school for the 2012-2013 school
year is Thursday, June 27, 2013.
Students will be dismissed at the
regular time.
First Day of School
Tuesday, September 3, 2013.
School Council News
REMINDER: the last pizza day will
be June 21st.
For all of your camp and back to school labeling
needs, please check out the Kortright Hills Mabels
Labels fundraising page. There are
currently camp specials running with
everything your child needs to keep their belongings
safe at camp or school. Do you know anyone with kids
starting Kindergarten this year? Let them know
about our Mabel’s Labels fundraiser, and they will be
all ready for school this September. Please visit the
website at http://kortrighthills.mabelslabels.com.
As always we are looking for new faces on School
Council. If you are interested in helping to determine
how best to spend funds raised by school council,
organizing and/or volunteering at events, helping to
run food programs and
otherwise helping to ensure
that students and staff
have a successful year at
Kortright Hills, please
think about joining School
Council. Meetings are held
once a month
on Mondays in the school library. All are all welcome
to attend.
The Ice Cream Social plans are well under way. We
are pleased to announce that Andrew
the Absolutely Normal will be
returning to wow us with his circus
act, and he is bringing along Ely the
Mechanical Juggler,
so we will have twice
the fun. We will be having
professional face painters this year,
so start thinking about what design
you want! There will be new games and
activities, along with pizza and treats. We are also
pleased to announce that we will
be offering nut-free ice cream
treats this year. Be sure to mark
your calendars for Thursday June
6th from 5-8pm and come out to
celebrate another successful year at Kortright!
If you are available to volunteer before, during or
after the Ice Cream Social, please let the front
office know.
June 2013
May 27
Day 1
May 28
Day 2
May 29
Day 3
May 30
Day 4
May 31
Day 5
Day 1
Day 2
Gd. 5’s Scientist in the
Day 3
Mad Science
Day 5
Day 1
Day 2
Day 5
8:00 Volunteer
Day 1
Day 2
9:00 Patrol Bus
Training at
Day 4
Gd 1’s Scientist
in the Classroom
Ice Cream Social
Day 3
Day 4
Day 3
9:00 Primary Track
& Field
Day 4
Gd 2 African Lion Safari
Int. Music Project Awards
5B & 3/4D Sharks Swim
3A & 3C Sharks Swim
12:15 5B & 3/4D Sharks
Day 5
9:00 Primary Play
1:40 Time Capsule
Day 1
2 Term Report Cards
Go Home
9:00 Grad Day
6:30 Gr. 8 Graduation
Day 2
Day 3
Last Day of School
If your child is new to the school system and has been registered at a school prior to the end of June,
transportation information will be mailed August 19th.
If you are new to the area (not registered at a school) call Service de transport de Wellington-Dufferin Student
Transportation Services (STWDSTS) at 519-824-4119 for assistance. We are here all summer.
If your child is an existing student, go to www.findmybus.ca and login to this secure site with your child’s OEN
number (located on report card), school name, birth date and house number.
We offer a subscription service that will notify the subscriber via email when your child’s bus has been cancelled
or is delayed. To subscribe go to: https://www.findmyschool.ca/subscriptions/login.aspx and follow the
Students in JK, SK and Gr 1 who ride a school bus should receive a tag from their school showing the student’s
afternoon bus route number and bus stop location. The identifying tag should be worn (preferably on his or her
backpack), by your child every day throughout the year. This tag will assist drivers in identifying students who
are required to be met by a parent or guardian when they are getting off the bus. Your child’s school will
distribute the tags to every student eligible for transportation at the beginning of the school year.
Our website provides “one stop shopping” for all your transportation needs:
Quick Links to eligibility information and a list of reported bus delays
School Information – including location, phone number, boundary maps
School Year Calendars
Transportation Policies, Procedures, and Forms
Bus Cancellation Information (November - March each year)
Safety Information
Official Bus Time
Answers to common transportation questions
66 Arrow Rd, Unit B • Guelph, ON N1K 1T4 • Phone (519) 824-4119 • Fax (519) 822-9097 • Toll-Free 1-888-292-2224
Will my child be assigned to a school bus?
Transportation is assigned according to Board policy. Your child must live within your school’s attendance
boundary and live further from school than the Maximum Walking Distance assigned to your child’s grade level.
Refer to STWDSTS Policy 002 Transportation Eligibility or go to www.stwdsts.ca and click on “Are you Eligible?”
(yellow bus on left side).
May I ride with my child on the first day of school?
It is strictly prohibited for parents/guardians to board the school bus. Refer to Policy 005 – Responsibilities of
Parent and Guardians.
What should I do if our address changes before September?
Contact STWDSTS at 519-824-4119 ASAP with your new address. We are open during July and August; please do
not wait until September to advise of address changes. Transportation requests received prior to August 23rd,
2013 will be processed for the first week of school.
Can my child receive transportation from an alternate address?
Both your home address and the alternate/caregiver address must be within your school’s attendance boundary
and meet the distance criteria for transportation. Be sure to advise your school and contact STWDSTS with this
additional information. The alternate address must be used consistently, 5 days per week, and there must be
room on the alternate bus. Refer to Policy 034 - Transportation for Child Care
May a student temporarily ride another bus while parent(s) or guardian(s) are away?
All temporary transportation requests shall be refused, except under extraordinary circumstances where the
personal well-being of a student is at stake. Refer STWDSTS to Policy 029 - Temporary Transportation Requests.
How does courtesy transportation get assigned?
Available seats at existing stops, are assigned based on first the youngest of age (grade), then travel distance to
school. Courtesy assignments are not done prior to October 31st of each year. Refer to STWDST Policy 017 Courtesy Transportation.
Can my child’s bus stop be changed?
Requests for changes to bus stops should be submitted in writing for consideration (Form TF033). Requests for
changes to accommodate parent/caregiver convenience or health issues will not be considered. No changes to bus
stops are considered during the first four weeks of school. All students are required to walk to/from their bus
stops. Refer to STWDSTS Policy 009 – Walking Distances to Bus Stop
My children were enrolled at the start of the school year. When will their transportation start?
Because of the large number of changes and new transportation requests, bussing arrangements can take up to 5
business days at the start of the school year. Into October, we will strive to have most transportation arrangements
completed within 3 business days.
Who is responsible for my child’s safety prior to boarding the bus and after disembarking from the bus?
The parent or guardian is responsible their child’s safety prior to boarding the bus and after they disembark from the
bus. Refer to STWDSTS Policy 005 – Responsibilities of Parents and Guardians
66 Arrow Rd, Unit B • Guelph, ON N1K 1T4 • Phone (519) 824-4119 • Fax (519) 822-9097 • Toll-Free 1-888-292-2224
Si votre enfant vient d’entrer dans le réseau scolaire et qu’il a été inscrit à une école avant la fin de juin, une
lettre contenant les renseignements sur le transport sera postée le 19 août.
Si vous venez d’arriver dans le secteur (élève non inscrit à une école), appelez Service de transport de
Wellington-Dufferin Student Transportation Services (STWDSTS) au 519 824-4119 pour obtenir de l’aide. Nous
sommes à votre disposition tout l’été.
Si votre enfant est actuellement un élève, allez à www.findmybus.ca et ouvrez une session sur ce site sécurisé
en vous servant du numéro d’immatriculation scolaire de l’Ontario (NISO) (indiqué sur le bulletin scolaire), du
nom de l’école et de la date de naissance de votre enfant, ainsi que du numéro civique de votre résidence.
Nous offrons un service d’abonnement qui vous avisera par courrier électronique lorsque l’autobus de votre
enfant a été annulé ou est en retard. Pour vous abonner, allez à :
https://www.findmyschool.ca/subscriptions/login.aspx et suivez les directives.
Les élèves de la maternelle, du jardin d’enfants et la 1re année qui voyagent en autobus scolaire devraient
recevoir de la part de leur école une étiquette indiquant le numéro du parcours d’autobus de l’après-midi et
l’emplacement de l’arrêt d’autobus. Chaque élève doit porter chaque jour l’étiquette d’identification (sur son
sac à dos, de préférence), tout au long de l’année. Cette étiquette aidera les conducteurs à identifier les élèves
qui doivent être accueillis par un parent, un tuteur ou une tutrice à la descente de l’autobus. Au début de
l’année scolaire, l’école de votre enfant distribuera les étiquettes à chacun des élèves qui ont droit au transport.
Notre site Web offre un « guichet unique » qui répond à tous vos besoins en matière de transport :
Liens rapides vers des renseignements sur l’admissibilité et une liste des retards d’autobus signalés
Renseignements sur les écoles – incluant l’emplacement, le numéro de téléphone, les cartes des limites
Calendriers scolaires
Politiques et procédures en matière de transport et formulaires
Renseignements sur les annulations du service d’autobus (de novembre à mars chaque année)
Renseignements sur la sécurité
Heures officielles des autobus
Réponses aux questions courantes concernant le transport
66, chemin Arrow, bureau B • Guelph (Ontario) N1K 1T4 • Tél. (519) 824-4119 • Téléc. (519) 822-9097 • Sans frais 1 888 292-2224
Est-ce qu’un autobus scolaire sera assigné à mon enfant?
Le transport est assigné conformément à la politique du conseil scolaire. Votre enfant doit demeurer à l’intérieur
du secteur de fréquentation scolaire de l’école, plus loin de l’école que la distance de marche maximale assignée
au niveau scolaire de votre enfant. Consultez la Politique 002 – Admissibilité au transport de STWDSTS ou allez
à www.stwdsts.ca et cliquez sur « Êtes-vous admissible? » (autobus jaune è gauche de l’écran).
Puis-je monter à bord de l’autobus avec mon enfant le premier jour d’école?
Il est strictement interdit aux parents et aux tuteurs ou tutrices de monter à bord de l’autobus scolaire.
Consultez la Politique 005 – Responsabilités des parents et des tuteurs et tutrices de STWDSTS.
Que dois-je faire si nous changeons d’adresse avant le mois de septembre?
Veuillez communiquer avec STWDSTS au (519) 824-4119 pour l’informer de votre nouvelle adresse. Il n’est pas
nécessaire d’attendre au mois de septembre pour le faire puisque notre bureau est ouvert en juillet et en août.
Les demandes de transport reçues avant le 23 août 2013 seront traitées pour la première semaine d’école.
Mon enfant a-t-il droit au transport scolaire à une autre adresse?
L’adresse de votre domicile ainsi que l’autre adresse doivent se trouver à l’intérieur du secteur de fréquentation
scolaire de l’école de votre enfant et respecter les critères de distance en matière de transport. Assurez-vous
d’aviser l’école de votre enfant et de communiquer avec STWDSTS pour lui transmettre les renseignements
supplémentaires. L’autre adresse doit être utilisée régulièrement cinq jours par semaine, et il doit y avoir de la
place à bord de l’autre autobus. Consultez la Politique 034 - Transport pour la garde d’enfants de STWDSTS.
Un élève peut-il prendre temporairement un autre autobus en l’absence de ses parents ou de son tuteur ou sa
Toutes les demandes de transport temporaire seront refusées, sauf en des circonstances extraordinaires lorsque le
bien-être personnel d’un élève est en jeu. Consultez la Politique 029 – Demandes de transport temporaire de
Comment se fait l’affectation du transport de courtoisie?
Les sièges disponibles aux arrêts existants sont assignés en premier lieu aux plus jeunes élèves (selon le niveau
scolaire) et ensuite selon la distance qui sépare l’élève de l’école. L’affectation du transport de courtoisie ne
commence pas avant le 31 octobre de chaque année. Consultez la Politique 017 – Transport de courtoisie de
Est-il possible de changer l'emplacement de l'arrêt d'autobus de mon enfant?
Vous devez soumettre par écrit les demandes d'examen de l'emplacement d'un point d'arrêt (Formulaire TF033).
Les demandes visant à faciliter les choses aux parents/personnes responsables ou à composer avec des problèmes
de santé ne seront pas examinées. Durant les quatre premières semaines d'école, aucune demande de
changement de l'emplacement des arrêts d'autobus ne sera examinée. Tous les élèves doivent marcher pour se
rendre à leur arrêt d’autobus et en revenir. Consultez la Politique 009 – Distances de marche jusqu'à l'arrêt
d'autobus de STWDSTS.
Mes enfants ont été inscrits au début de l’année scolaire. Quand pourront-ils utiliser le service de transport?
Compte tenu du grand nombre de changements et de nouvelles demandes de transport, il faut compter jusqu’à cinq
jours ouvrables pour la prise des dispositions nécessaires pour le transport au début de l’année scolaire. En octobre,
66, chemin Arrow, bureau B • Guelph (Ontario) N1K 1T4 • Tél. (519) 824-4119 • Téléc. (519) 822-9097 • Sans frais 1 888 292-2224
nous tenterons de prendre les dispositions nécessaires pour le transport en trois jours ouvrables.
Qui est responsable de la sécurité de mon enfant avant que celui-ci monte à bord de l’autobus et après qu’il en
soit descendu?
Les parents ou les tuteurs ou tutrices sont responsables de la sécurité de leur enfant avant que celui-ci monte à bord
de l’autobus et après qu’il en soit descendu. Consultez la Politique 005 – Responsabilités des parents et des tuteurs
et tutrices de STWDSTS.
66, chemin Arrow, bureau B • Guelph (Ontario) N1K 1T4 • Tél. (519) 824-4119 • Téléc. (519) 822-9097 • Sans frais 1 888 292-2224
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