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Individual Development Plan
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Development Need
Any of the following may
present development needs:
UPMC Leadership
Responsibilities (from job
Management Goals or
Competencies (from
performance review)
Development Strategy** & Evaluation Criteria
(Use attached sample strategies as a guide)
(Identify the start
and end date for
accomplishing the
Start Date:
End Date:
Start Date:
End Date:
Start Date:
End Date:
Start Date:
End Date:
(After executing the development strategy,
identify reviewee’s overall results below.)
Individual Development Plan
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*UPMC Leadership Competencies
(Talent Management Review)
*DecisionWise Competencies
(360o Assessment)
Authenticity: transparent, leads with integrity, creates an environment which fosters trust; demonstrates the courage and
humility to admit mistakes; confident without being arrogant
Integrity & Trust
Leads and Develops Employees: Delegates to employees effectively, grows and develops employees from the front line
through formal management, acts with fairness toward direct reports, and hires talented people for his/her team.
Leading Others
Change Management: Uses effective strategies to drive innovation and lead organizational change; expertly manages the
human transitions (responses) to change.
Teamwork: Building and Mending Relationships: Builds, maintains and serves on highly productive teams, works to create
healthy relationships with co-workers and external parties, can negotiate and handle work problems without alienating people;
understands others and is able to gain cooperation in non-authority relationships.
Resourcefulness: Can think strategically and make good decisions under pressure; can set up complex work systems and
engage in flexible problem-solving behavior; can work effectively with higher management in dealing with the complexities of the
management job.
Strategic Orientation: Able to focus on the big picture while addressing daily operations; creates a line of sight between their
scope of management and the organizational priorities; sets appropriate goals for the operating unit that achieve increased
Differences Matter/Value Inclusion: Demonstrates a respect for varying backgrounds and perspectives; values cultural
differences; treats others with dignity and respect.
Straightforwardness and Composure: Is sincere and composed; relies on fact-based positions; doesn’t blame others for
mistakes; is able to recover from troubled situations; acts with sophistication, refinement, control, grace, and style.
Performance Management
Managing Change
Teamwork & Collaboration
Business Acumen
Decision Making
Planning & Organization
Results Orientation
Teamwork & Collaboration
Professional Expertise
Individual Development Plan
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**Development Strategies
Go to the UPMC Infonet (under Education and Training select Leadership Development) to learn more about UPMC’s iLead Program or to register for
a course.
Leadership Development at UPMC:
Leadership Development:
Classes are available to increase leadership skills and knowledge
in areas such as improving communication, coaching skills, ability
to delegate effectively, conflict resolution and much more!
Management Tools: Classes are available to increase UPMC
business practice knowledge. Course topics include Interviewing
Skills, Effective Performance Management, Sexual Harassment in
the Workplace, Union Awareness and more!
People Development:
Successful people know themselves and how they are perceived
by others. Our people development courses are assessment
based opportunities that allow leaders to learn about their
management style and how to maximize on their strengths and
the strengths of their teams.
Personal Coaching Needs:
Significant behavioral change can require one-on-one coaching.
Services are available upon request from the Learning and
Development Team.
For more information on upcoming courses or services, please contact
The Learning and Development Team by clicking on this link or call us at
Other Development Activities:
Below are self-directed solutions that you could consider to further
enhance development:
Networking Opportunities: Take the opportunity to network and
connect with key leaders.
Job Shadowing
System-wide Projects or Task Force Involvement
Stretch Assignments:
Temporary Assignments
Acting Assignments
Project Lead Roles
Development Days: One-on-one time between leader and
employee focused on development
Professional Memberships/Boards
Cross Departmental Learning and Opportunities
Conference Opportunities
Presentation and Facilitation Opportunities
Mentorship Opportunities
Leadership Meetings/Forums