COUN 4000

to Counseling
COUN 4000
* COE Counseling Undergraduate Course *
This introductory counseling course provides
an overview of the major aspects of the
counseling profession and issues that affect
both the counselor and the many populations
they work with in the field. Counselors
interact with clients to help them learn
about themselves and the environment they
live in. Individuals exploring counseling as
a career need to understand the personal,
professional, and societal expectations that
a r e p l a c e d o n t h e p r o f e s s i o n a l c o u n s e l o r.
Spring 2016
1:40P.M. - 4:20P.M.
Columbine Hall
I n s t r u c t e d b y D r. D a v i d F e n e l l
Spring 2016 • 3 Credit Hours • Course call # section 001-29969
• Student Resource Office 719-255-4996 [email protected]
Equity Inquiry Innovation