PHY 2049: A review

PHY 2049: A review
21. Coulomb’s law.
22. Electric fields, vector superposition.
23. Gauss’ law, E due to various charge
24. Electric Potential, superposition
25. Capacitors
26. Current and Resistance
27. Circuits
• The exam will be held here during the usual class
hours (12:30-2:00PM) on Monday June 6, 2011.
• You are allowed a calculator, a #2 pencil and erasor
and a single page formula sheet. The sheet must
contain only formula.
• Please bring your student ID.
• Do not wear a hat in class during an exam.
• Please do not use any electronic communication
during the exam.
• At this time, practice old exams.
• Four identical light bulbs A, B, C and D are
connected in series to a constant voltage
source. A wire is then connected across B.
What is the brightness of A relative to its
former brightness?
• (1) 0.44 (2) 0.56
none of these
(3) 1.78
(4) 2.25
• Two isolated conducting spheres are separated by
a large distance. Sphere 1 has a radius of R and an
initial charge 2Q while sphere 2 has a radius of 3R
and an initial charge 8Q. A very thin copper wire
is now connected to the spheres. Charge flows
between the spheres until they reach the same
electrical potential. How much charge will be
transferred from sphere 2 to sphere 1? (Note that
the charge transferred can be positive, negative
or zero .)
(1) Q/2
(2) 2Q
(3) –Q/3 (4) -3Q
(5) None of these
A Formula sheet