MATH 171, SECTION 504, FALL 2015,
INSTRUCTOR Dr. Roger Smith
OFFICE Blocker 533B
E-MAIL [email protected]
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CLASS TIME TR 12:45-2:00 pm Bloc 164, W 4:10-5:00 pm, Bloc 117
OFFICE HOURS TR 2:30-3:30, W 2:30-4 or by appointment.
BOOK Calculus early vectors by Stewart.
GRADING Your grade will be determined by three tests (100 pts each),
final (150 pts), and weekly quizzes (100 pts). 90%–100%=A, 80%–
89%=B, etc.
QUIZZES These will be given in the Thursday class in weeks without a
test, beginning Sept 10. Your lowest quiz grade will be dropped.
HOMEWORK There will be assigned homework for practice for the quizzes.
COURSE DESCRIPTION We will cover the first six chapters of the
book. The topics are Vectors, Limits, Continuity, Derivatives, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Applications of Differentiation and
LEARNING OBJECTIVES Students will become proficient in the topics listed in the Course Description with particular emphasis on mastering the basic skills needed for many courses in mathematics science
and engineering.
SYLLABUS The following is approximate and subject to change depending on the needs of the class. The syllabus is at
IMPORTANT DATES Note the following dates.
Thursday Oct. 1 TEST 1
Thursday Nov. 5 TEST 2
Friday Nov. 20: Q-drop day
Thursday/Friday Nov. 26-27 Thanksgiving Holiday.
Tuesday Dec. 1 TEST 3
Wednesday Dec. 16: Final 8:00-10:00 am.
MAKE-UPS These will only be given in cases authorized under TAMU
Regulations. If you miss an exam you must contact me immediately.
SCHOLASTIC DISHONESTY Copying work done by others, either
in-class or out of class, is an act of scholastic dishonesty and will
be prosecuted to the full extent allowed by University policy. Collaboration on assignments, either in-class or out-of-class, is forbidden
unless permission to do so is granted by your instructor. For more
information on university policies regarding scholastic dishonesty, see
University Student Rules.
COPYRIGHT POLICY All printed materials disseminated in class or
on the web are protected by Copyright laws. One xerox copy (or
download from the web) is allowed for personal use. Multiple copies
or sale of any of these materials is strictly prohibited.
SPECIAL SERVICES Students with disabilities can get assistance from
the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (845-1637).