Statement by the City’s Executive Mayor, Alderman Patricia de Lille

Statement by the City’s Executive Mayor,
Alderman Patricia de Lille
City reaches agreement with Minstrels
The City of Cape Town, as part of our commitment to building an inclusive
city, has reached an amicable agreement with concerned minstrel
associations to ensure that the upcoming Cape Annual Minstrel Carnival is
a success. This was concluded after an initial engagement on Friday 20
December 2013 between the Executive Mayor, the Deputy Minister Marius
Fransman and the respective minstrel boards.
Events over the next two weeks include the Christmas Choir Bands March
on 24 December 2013, the Malay Choir “Nagtroupe” March on 31
December 2013 and the Tweede Nuwejaar Minstrel March on 4 January
Following a fruitful meeting with representatives of the Cape Town
Minstrel Carnival Association (CTMCA) and the Kaapse Klopse Karnival
Association (KKKA), the City has agreed that:
Minstrel associations will participate in the event management of
upcoming Minstrel Carnival events.
Next year (2014/15), the associations will be the overarching event
organisers of the Cape Annual Minstrel Carnival.
The City of Cape Town will assist with competitions at venues such
as the Athlone Stadium, Vygieskraal, Florida Park and Delft.
A single VIP area to ensure that all VIPs related to the minstrels are
in the same area.
The City provides R3,5 million worth of logistical and support services
such as traffic control, safety and security, law enforcement, and
cleansing to ensure that the annual Minstrel Carnival is controlled and
managed in the best interests of the Minstrel groups, spectators and the
city as a whole.
In addition to this, the Western Cape Government provides approximately
R2 million for transportation costs of all Minstrels groups, Malay Choirs
and Christmas Bands.
I wish to record the City’s continued support for the Minstrels and this
annual event.