Product & Process Development services

Product & Process Development services
... Building the bridge to a fully developed product
In today’s high-tech world, the pace of innovation increases relentlessly with complex technology and
narrow windows of opportunity. Philips Innovation Services helps you accelerate your innovation by
offering a range of advanced innovation services, expertise and high-tech facilities across the
whole innovation process. A key example of this is our range of services in Product & Process
How do you close the gap between a proven concept and
a fully developed cost-engineered product, ready for
production? Sometimes there are complex technological
phenomena involved, and important design trade-offs.
With a “First Time Right” approach, we can help you
with design and engineering, verification and validation.
Our in-depth knowledge and advanced tools give us
Philips Innovation Services
insights which guide the best way forward. And our
system overview keeps individual design choices in line
with your overall system objectives, driving forward on
all fronts to a fully manufacturable product.
Cost Engineering
Product Design &
• Process step analysis:
added value vs added costs
• Interactive financial modeling
• Insights into cost drivers
Vital Signs Camera
App development, software
engineering, complex algorithms
operable on mobile device
App development
• Smart algorithms for
mobile platforms
• Technology-rich
• Advanced device
Process Verification
& validation
Cordian Care Monitor
Product development (HW & SW),
product certification (HW & SW),
product quality (HW & SW)
• Functional and life time
• Functional yield calculation
• Device life time characterization
Glasses-free Digital 3D Display
Large area microstructuring by excimer
laser ablation, precision 3D-structures
in Product & Process
Product and component specification
Product architecture
Hardware and electronic design
Design for manufacturing / Six Sigma
Hue Smart LED
wireless lighting
Electromagnetic Compatibility
(EMC) testing
Process Design
& Engineering
• Nano & micro
manufacturing process
• Access to nano & micro
production technologies
• Engineering sample
Product Verification
• Release for industrialization
• Design for manufacturing
/ Six Sigma
• Functionality testing,
on-site analysis
• Regulatory documentation
Electrical breast pump
Acoustics, mechanical &
electrical design, software
Mirror display
Thin film processing
A great resource to support you
950 Technical experts - 90 competences,
450 mechanic & electronic engineers
100 software engineers
200 experts on quality and reliability
40 thin film engineers
60 engineers for prototyping & small series
High tech infrastructure
25.000 m2 labs & clean rooms
3500 m2 pilot factory
Electronic equipment
15.000 devices
Access to innovation ecosystem,
global sourcing & realization network
60 Industry consultants
Choose the way you work with us
For you
engage us to deliver a
customized solution
With you
complement your competences
and capabilities with ours
By you
hire our facilities and/or equipment
Philips Innovation Services
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