Introduction to Business Related Videos

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Economics For Dummies Series
Chapter 1: Basic Economic Concepts
The Basic Concepts of Economics by insignmediadigital
Human Needs and Wants by Juliet Rose Snow
Business Activities by Note Pirate
Chapter 2: Economic Resources and Systems
How Economies Decide How to Allocate Their Resources by MEFonomics
Economic Systems Overview by Tamara Brown
Chapter 3: Economic Activity in a Changing World
Economic Power Shift by ThEconomyy
The History of the American Economy by Sharif Matar
The Business Cycle in 5 Minutes by libertyordeathTV
Chapter 4: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
Business Ethics Through Film, Monsters, Inc. by Brett Dickson
Business Ethics: Corporate Social Responsibility by Education Portal
Chapter 5: Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Rewards and Challenges of Entrepreneurship by Talena Smith
Business Plan: Examples and Best Practices by StartMeUpVideo
It’s Not Over Until You Win by Les Brown (Motivational)
JayZ Talks Success (Interview)
Chapter 6: Business Ownership and Operations
Channel 5 Action News: Types of Business Ownership by Andrea Davis
Types and Functions of Businesses by Talena Smith
Chapter 7: Business Management
Four Functions of Management by Education Portal
Organizational Structure by Robins1F09
Chapter 8: Leadership in Management
7 Essential Qualities of All Great Leaders by Brian Tracy
Leadership Styles – Geese, Eagles and Turkeys by People Coaching Works
The Crucial Skills for Tomorrow’s Leaders
John Maxwell: The 5 Levels of Leadership
Chapter 9: Technology and Business
Time Line of the Inventions that Changed the World by futuredreams4life
What is E-Commerce by maddie271
Chapter 10: Business in a Global Economy
Working in the Global Marketplace by Ernst and Young Global
Emerging Economies, Global Competition, and Managing Customer
Relationships by Emory University
Chapter 11: The Role of Government in Our Economy
Business and Government Regulations – Impact on Business by Fisher OSU
Government as Provider by Talena Smith
Chapter 12: Money and Financial Institutions
How Money & Banking Really Works by Simfinet
Different Types of Financial Institutions and What They Do by David Hiller
Chapter 20: Career Planning
Preparing for a Career by Calvin College
Career Plan Examples by JobInterviewSite
Chapter 21: Getting a Job
Qualifying for a Job by Talena Smith
12 Tips to Get Your Dream Job by Grant Cardone
Chapter 25: The Basics of Credit
The Basics of Credit by GHSBusiness7
Understanding the Different Types of Credit by Monkey See
Chapter 26: How to Get and Keep Credit
Understanding the Different Types of Credit by MonkeySee
How to Get and Keep Good Credit by Chase and Cadrin Msumba